Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: Glow In Your Own Unique Divinity – 12 July 2013

Yeshua.glowuniquedivinity.imagesCAF21XM9Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings from afar, as they say, but really from not so far away, at least Now in your perception, as it has always been that we of the Celestial and Galactic Realms have been very close to you.

It is now your perception that brings us very close and we revel in the delight and opportunity to have this closeness, and opportunity to impart our wisdom and support for all of you hardworking Lightworkers; and yes, you are Celestial and Galactic Beings as well. You are beginning to accept this and realize it more and more, dear ones.

I beseech you to realize it more every day, to be in the cognizance of it, to be in the joy of it, to place yourselves in your rightful places, down deep within your divinity, with all the powers and clarity it provides for you. The more you acknowledge this quality and identity in you, the more revelations and beautiful opportunities and experiences you will have.

Yes, we have talked about this many, many times with you, but you see that we refine it more and more each time and bring you back more and more to this realization so you finally get it and live within it, dear ones.

Not so long ago, eons to you, but really only a blink of an eye away, you prospered and reveled in this milieu of divine identity; you played within it and you thrived within it. Please know you are approaching that same presence and reality again. The more you let go and surrender to the truth of it, the more you can enjoy it and realize it.

This is a difficult concept to relay to you, because you have been so entrenched in the reality you have created for yourself, created from and out of that very true and divine presence and identity we speak of and that you are becoming more and more aware of and embracing of.

But we detect now a greater ability in you to embrace it and to know it at such a deeper level, dear ones, and so we revisit this question and fact of your divinity over and over in different ways in order for it to sink in more deeply and become such a part of your breathing and Being that you will not some day even remember what you are all immersed in of late, this play-out of creations for the purpose of learning.

You have learned, through heartache and trials, and it is time to put those heartaches and trials away as your mode of operation, like a child puts away his or her toys in the toy box. It is time to acknowledge your clearing and your abundance and your all-encompassing heart-centered life as your new way of being.

It is sometimes just like a “flick of a switch” that can bring you into the knowing that you have come so far to awaken, and it is time to focus on the Joy and the Love that is swelling within you, and to leave the old remnants of yesterday’s heartaches and worries where they are, cleared and transformed into beautiful notions of splendor as you step forward to mark your new life amongst us, in creation mode.

Oh, beloveds, if you only knew how close you are to realizing so much more of your world of Divine and Loving Beingness as your primary focus and sense of knowing.

And you take it forward with you with all the power within you driving your forward advance, shedding the vestiges of your old life with a welcome greeting to your new life with open and capable arms.

As such, you are unique. You have all you need to do it now, because you have been working for eons with this. And you carry along with you others who have not quite realized this but have the same possibilities and capabilities, albeit just more dormant. But as catalysts, you are sparking the remembering not only in yourselves but in others and it will just keep accelerating, dear ones.

So revel in this newfound knowing of your Magnificence and Wholeness and do not forsake for one minute your mission to carry it forward to fruition. You are such warriors, such brave souls. We cannot even express properly the love and admiration we have for you.

Go in Peace, dear ones; go with God, and Glow in your own unique Divinity. For the time is marching forward to your full realization of this, your magnificent totality of your Divine Essence, its potential equal only to Source.


Your loving brother Yeshua with the Company of Heaven

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