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NYC – MTA Gas Test Backfires! New Yorkers Are Angry, And Rightly So! Widespread Health Problems Coming – 13 July 2013

ACBefore It’s News – by Live Free or Die

The NYC – MTA subway gas tests, as explained in the videos below, have backfired as New Yorkers are angry having found out what likely health costs the testing brings along with it. For agreeing to ‘participate’ in these tests as human guinea pigs, New Yorkers may now face early menopause, failure of the reproductive organs, thyroid and liver problems and the onset of tumors. Was this ‘test’ AGAINST chemical attacks actually A CHEMICAL ATTACK upon Americans? Now that New Yorkers know the truth about this, what else is the government NOT telling us?   Continue reading


InvestmentWatch – BREAKING: Russia Mobilizes 160,000 Troops After US Officials Confirm Israel Took Out Russian Missiles At Latakia Arsenal in Syria, The Most Ambitious Since 1991 Military Exercises In The Far East – 13 July 2013

InvestmentWatchUnnamed U.S. officials tell CNN that Israel struck Russian-made missiles in Latakia, Syria last Friday.

A series of explosions last week at a critical Syrian port was the result of airstrikes by Israeli warplanes, multiple U.S. officials told CNN on Friday.

Regional media widely reported the predawn explosions at Latakia on July 5, but no one had officially claimed responsibility. Continue reading

The Most Stunning Developments In Gold – 13 July 2013

Uploaded on 12 July 2013 by TruthNeverTold Massive physical gold buying in China as they seek to accumulate more gold than the United States and establish a new economic order.

Roundtable Conversations In The Raw: Preparation of Self – 13 July 2013

https://i0.wp.com/i-uv.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Round-table.jpegListen to the latest raw roundtable discussion with James, BZ and Holly, pondering the preparation Lightworkers are now doing to engage the Reality of Full Consciousness. Are we connecting to our Authentic Self? Have we cleared our low energy vibrations like fear and anger? Is there a harmonious balance between our BEing and DOing? With Absolute Data anticipated, join the conversation about how we can best be ready for the impending expansion of our consciousness. Continue reading

BBS Radio – A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic – Lance White – 13 July 2013

Lance_WhiteA Fireside Chat
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A Fireside Chat BIO & Archives: http://www.afiresidechat.com Continue reading

Lucas – The Grinding And Blending – 5 Star Cooks In Training – 13 July 2013

The grinding of the feelings and emotions that being pulled out by the energies coming in vast are here to make integration push forward. It is what makes that some are in an fucked up state of being and or feeling totally out of control in some ways. It feels often also being shaken and stirred, 007 would laugh. Others will feel the energies of both polarities come in to integrate as they can feel and see it coming. The more work you have done already on your path the last months the more you are already centered. You will have those integrations done without being shifted into an  unbalanced state. Continue reading

Méline Lafont – Magatha From Agartha – The Global Ascension And Integration That Awaits You All – 13 July 2013

Greetings beloved brethren of Earth. The Agarthans are again coming to the fore with this most loving message. Once more we have a lot of news to share.
After our last message conveyed through this channeler describing a few Galactic civilizations of the Light, a lot of quickenings of personal Ascension processes have taken place on your Earthly reality. More specifically, many souls have begun the process of contacting their Higher Self in a deeper way and have also connected with countless other civilizations of the Light as we are all One. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – The Quiet And Gentle Revolution – 13 July 2013

Göttingen/ Grüne/ Fotowettbewerb/ Hanf-PflanzenThanks to: http://www.earth-heal.com

I find this article quite humorous and most inspiring. I am inspired by how the people are finding gentle ways to push back and be heard. No need for the old world blood and guts approach. No! Just be creative and ingenious people thinking outside the box. We need this happening in America where the sound of snoring is so deafening. Start thinking people! I propose we lightworkers be the bringers of the GENTLE REVOLUTION…Happy weekend…

www.oneworldrising.wordpress.com / link to article

Jim Self – On Empathy, Autism And Emotions In The Higher Dimensions – 13 July 2013

Uploaded on 11 jul 2013 by MasteringAlchemy  ( Thanks to www.shiftfrequency.com  for pointing this one out as I got di not get my newsletter again.)

Lisa Gawlas – Integrating And Adjusting To The Expanding Light Infusion And Releasing! Phew! – 13 July 2013

Light_Explosion_by_MindStep_on_deviantartI think, the greatest part of this journey, at least in my world, is to be both a participant and a witness at the same time, to all that is happening inside and outside of us and to eventually understand it!  That crazy place I was in the day before yesterday, there was one element that was present that I didn’t mention, but now realize how important that part was.  For the better part of the day I had this… feeling in the bony aspect of my skull directly at my forehead.  The feeling was like having the bone itself widen itself.  It created a constant, very dull-like headache thru the forehead area of my head.  I mention this only because it was a precursor to what I experienced yesterday. Continue reading