Kauilapele – Kp Message … A Bit Of ‘Channeling’ – 13 July 2013

imageI do not really do the “channeling” thing these days, but something wants to come through and I felt it wise to pass this on (whatever it might turn out to be).

There is indeed a strong coalescence of Ascension timelines occurring right now. A recent GaiaPortal mentioned “simultaneous messaging” proceeding at this time, as well as a “downloading of Master codes”. I must say, I am getting the same thing.

There is “a lot” happening at once, in other words. A lot that can not be seen or perceived, unless the so-called “Higher D Senses” are recognized, and turned on.

There appears before me now, a rolling, billowing, surf blue energy up swelling that is assisting the Higher Dimensional faculties to, indeed, ‘turn on’. This cannot be ‘forced’ upon humanity, but it can be aligned with what GaiaPortal often calls “Hue-manity”, to turn on those Beings’ Higher Senses.

What all this means right now, is that we as a planet are ready for a major upshift.

That is all.

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