Lucas – The Grinding And Blending – 5 Star Cooks In Training – 13 July 2013

The grinding of the feelings and emotions that being pulled out by the energies coming in vast are here to make integration push forward. It is what makes that some are in an fucked up state of being and or feeling totally out of control in some ways. It feels often also being shaken and stirred, 007 would laugh. Others will feel the energies of both polarities come in to integrate as they can feel and see it coming. The more work you have done already on your path the last months the more you are already centered. You will have those integrations done without being shifted into an  unbalanced state.

Our other polarity force brothers and sisters that are still around messing up things for those that still go play with them or in a sense comply with their actions or rules are making also lots of waves as negative emotions and feelings as also fear are produced.  It is their part they still play well till we give it no attention anymore. We need to play so to say a different play now where we set our own rules  without asking for permission to anyone as divine human beings that have nothing or nobody standing in between us and source.  We are part of source as equals.

We always have been free but forgot this. We need to see freedom again in a new way and not just as semantics or a word in a dictionary. It is that what you feel inside and live as a free human divine being.  So as soon as your energetics are brought towards your heart-source connection and you see your new reality within  it all becomes clear and will transform also your reality outside of you.  If there is balance in you you can see unbalance but are not touched by it. You can perceive ugly things and nasty things happening but you’re not taken into the extreme emotions and feelings that normally would have brought you into total unbalance.

The controllers lose their control in the moment you can not get into that extreme space anymore. The fear and the anger, rage and so many other extremes will not be anymore. Merely a bit of feeling anger in a mellow way but that is soon brought back to center and blended back to the state of all that is. It is that what is happening in you all now in this moment.The grinding and the blending. Yep get your kitchen gear out. Time for a new  recipe.

The new recipe of a balanced, centered, united in polarity human divine being.  This recipe  is necessary to get us after the coming shifts working together shaping the new paradigm. First we will take our journey process through the portal upon us. When we reach our destination we will know.  So folks get grinding and blending. Do not forget it is about blending those polarities. That means also facing your dark parts.  Do not prolong your process by pushing those parts away or fight them integrating with you it will not help.

When the grinding and blending and some other mice en place is done we can get into the real cooking. The finishing up of our new culinary creation so to say.  We will become the new 5 star chefs if we finish our training.

Love and Light,


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