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Visionkeeper – The Quiet And Gentle Revolution – 13 July 2013

Göttingen/ Grüne/ Fotowettbewerb/ Hanf-PflanzenThanks to: http://www.earth-heal.com

I find this article quite humorous and most inspiring. I am inspired by how the people are finding gentle ways to push back and be heard. No need for the old world blood and guts approach. No! Just be creative and ingenious people thinking outside the box. We need this happening in America where the sound of snoring is so deafening. Start thinking people! I propose we lightworkers be the bringers of the GENTLE REVOLUTION…Happy weekend…

www.oneworldrising.wordpress.com / link to article

Jim Self – On Empathy, Autism And Emotions In The Higher Dimensions – 13 July 2013

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Lisa Gawlas – Integrating And Adjusting To The Expanding Light Infusion And Releasing! Phew! – 13 July 2013

Light_Explosion_by_MindStep_on_deviantartI think, the greatest part of this journey, at least in my world, is to be both a participant and a witness at the same time, to all that is happening inside and outside of us and to eventually understand it!  That crazy place I was in the day before yesterday, there was one element that was present that I didn’t mention, but now realize how important that part was.  For the better part of the day I had this… feeling in the bony aspect of my skull directly at my forehead.  The feeling was like having the bone itself widen itself.  It created a constant, very dull-like headache thru the forehead area of my head.  I mention this only because it was a precursor to what I experienced yesterday. Continue reading

Ann Albers – Message From Ann and The Angels – 13 July 2013


My dear friends, we love you so very much.

Rejoice! It is a time of great change upon your planet earth and while everybody seems all stirred up, we in the heavens do not consider that a bad thing. For in reality you are being given an opportunity now in your lives, and hearts, to create change. As always, this change must begin from the inside out. Continue reading

5DMediaNetwork – The Transitioning Blogtalk Radio – 13/14 July – 13 July 2013

5D-medianetworkLink to radio show recording

USA EDT/ 13 July, 17.00 pm/Europe Mainland, 13 July, 23.00 pm/ Sydney, 14 July, 07.00 am

With Julien Wells and Bob Wright.

“In these times there are beings that are expanding their consciousness into the unknown. Two such beings are Bob Wright and Julien Wells. Join them and their guests as they adventure into the unknown and explore the frontiers of their awareness and what is possible.” Continue reading

Matt Taibbi – Chase Made Errors In Nine Percent Of Credit-Card Collection Lawsuits, Internal Survey Finds – 13 July 2013

J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon

J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.
Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images
A piece in The Wall Street Journal dug up yet another damning fact about Jamie Dimon’s J.P. Morgan Chase. This time, reporters got hold of an internal bank survey of its credit-card collections suits. It turns out that Chase’s own survey found that huge numbers of lawsuits filed by the bank contained errors.

BrianKelly’sBlog – Rumor Mill : Republic Treasury Note Act – 13 July 2013

Rumor Mill: Republic Treasury Note ACT 
July 12, 2013

This document is in the process of going viral across the internet at the moment. I have not researched it enough to say whether I think it’s the real deal, or not. I leave that to everyone’s own discretion. When I have more time later I will dissect it and do some digging. It could be big. It could be nothing. Time will tell.  Continue reading