Sophia Love – Calling Of The Clan – 13 July 2013

PictureWe are hearing lately of people “finding” each other via the internet.  We are calling them soul groups, soul families, clans or tribes.  It is not the term that is significant but the feeling.  We get a sense of each other through words and pictures, and we are drawn the familiar.  We notice that there is a knowing of this one or that one, a certain resonance.

This has been validated publicly with a few groups who’ve gathered now physically.  They describe it like returning home, meeting brothers and sisters and speak of marathon sessions of joy, passion and collaboration. 

These reunions are purposeful.  The work they came to do together is beginning.

I’d like to introduce someone here now and share his words.  If they speak to you, put “Ashuel” in the subject line and email me at  I will send it on. Please share his request on face book and elsewhere.

Many who’ve reached out to me describe a feeling of isolation.  Perhaps one of the reasons for this blog is to facilitate a gathering of individuals.  I believe that it is those of us who were here at the beginning who’ve come back now to insure things proceed as planned.

Wild canaries, doves, robins, crows, chickadees and cardinals surround me this morning.  They’ve been flying from tree to tree, seemingly searching for their own families.  They’ve just settled in and are now quietly chirping in a sort of synchronized melody.

Perhaps in the reading of Ashuel’s words, which follow, you’ll recognize the song.  If so, go ahead and add your voice to the mix.  ~Sophia


PictureI am unsure of why, but something must be initiated.


What follows is me following that impulse, pursuing a goal that I do not understand but must comply with. It has been asked of me. I have said yes, but have not as yet done it.


You see, Sophia and I are old old friends. Family. It’s one of those things I know without knowing how I know. Something I told myself. Learned from within. I trust the things I learn from within.


Whenever I discuss anything with Sophia, the overriding overwhelming urge that frames my interactions with her is that ‘the families are gathering’. I hear these words, but more importantly I feel the energy of it. That it is happening, or that it needs to happen. I don’t know why it needs to happen. I don’t know for what purpose or to what end.


I am working under the assumption that no harm can come from finding soul family, and I trust that if we allow it then wonderful things will grow from the endeavor. So, I am declaring that I am searching amongst you for our soul family. I do not mean small scale family. I mean clans. I mean nations. I see banners of different energy. If you know my banner, then you know me and I am calling you to gather.


Who am I and how will you know? I am injecting my energy into every word you read. That is primarily how I want you to initially know. I dislike writing about myself, but I will attempt it. I am old. I will dispense with adjectives and superlatives about how old. I’m just old. I see the energy of souls as being different ages, but I place no value on age. I have a strong disdain for rank, hierarchy and governance. Yet what I know of myself is that I have a role of leadership to play. I have avoided it. I have hid from it. What I see are unique individuals. I do not see beings as having jobs or titles. We have unique special personalities and strengths and our role is simply being who we are. The functions we serve and tasks we accomplish are simply natural extensions of our individuality.


So when I say leadership, I do not mean or intend to lead anyone. It is just part of what I am. I see leadership perhaps simply as being someone who initiates what I am intending to begin by writing this. I am Ashuel. I am an incarnated Angel. I am Lion energy. I am a protector. A warrior. Destructive and violent. I am critical and forceful when my family is threatened. 


You are not being threatened by anything anymore so it is time for me to be the other aspects of myself. I will fight in whatever capacity is required. What is required now is a coming together. We must find each other and I will fight for it with words and love.


If this hits you hard; If this feels important, then contact Sophia and she can give you my contact information. All I can tell you right now is that you are not alone. You shall not be isolated. I will connect you.


I just don’t know exactly how or why it should happen. One of you will know that part.  I am not afraid of making mistakes. The only real mistake is allowing fear to prevent us from doing things. I have fought for you in the ways I know how to do. Now I will fight for you in a way I do not know how to do. Not knowing will not stop me from doing it.”


Be Well,

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