5DMediaNetwork – The Repurposing Blogtalk Radio 14/15 July, 14 July 2013 2013

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14 july 17.00 pm USA PDT / Europe Mainland 15 july 02.00 am /  15 july Sydney Australia, 10.00  am.

Call in to speak with the host (646) 716-4598

The Shift is here. Once IT IS DONE the planet, it’s entire
population and every system we currently use, will be
re-purposed for the new paradigm of free will and abundance.

Some systems will vanish, others will morph and new ones will appear. Nothing will be the same.

Why “Re-Purpose”? The term infers peaceful, efficient re-use of existing resources and systems by mutual agreement.

But how do you actually achieve that?

How do you re-purpose an entire civilisation from a hierarchy
of control and division to the flat landscape of equity absolute?
And how do you achieve that peacefully?

Intent for the highest good, then Thought, Words, Consensus and Action are the way. Some call this process manifestation.

This a show is where The One People can get down to work on the details.

Join Chris Hales, Scott Bartle and a weekly panel to discuss
re-purposing the banking system into the Universal Exchange,
the corporate governments into self-governance by the people, education, health, manufacturing, technology into world systems that serve the people in perpetuity.


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