AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Intersecting With Source – 14 July 2013

eileenmeyerLet us say, that for the most part, humans have not had actual experience of present moment – except for very brief glimpses… brief experiences. For the most part, fear is introduced as it is unknown, and the existing consciousness tries to override and stop the experience. It [the frequency] is unidentifiable, therefore bringing in fear and rejection, and the need to return to the existing loops of consciousness.

This is what is changing. Every human at this time will have the opportunity to experience present-moment consciousness for an extended period of time. What this does is it reboots larger systems that were put into place in your very creation – within your physical bodies. You are on the threshold of a massive reboot of consciousness.
~ May 2013

Vesica PiscesCropCircle

Vesica Pisces Crop Circle Ashbury, UK

This is the field that informs
Filled with wisdom beyond measure
Will you access it?
Will you accept this abundance?
No one, no human, no angel, not even Source can coerce you to accept
That Which You Are
That which you are ONE with
It is an understanding, a meeting,
an intersection that occurs
Within the individual consciousness.
Your Creator, your Source awaits your arrival…
~ July 11, 2013 /link to original article


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