Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Contentment Is Highly Possible – 14 July 2013

You are not here just to be the subject of something God has planned for you. God did not just simply assign you a role in His movie. God said, “Here, in this magnificent Universe each of you can make your own movie. Here’s your seat; the Director’s chair. Here’s your Producer; meet Mr. Law Of Attraction. He has infinite resources.

There is infinitude of everything you could ever desire to put into your movie: wealth, poverty, drama, boredom, adventure, calm, war, peace, all of it…as much or as little as you want of any element. Actors, material things, events, adventures and non-adventures; it is all available to you. You have a Producer with infinite wealth committed to making your movie. You are the Director.

When you need something for your movie ask the Producer. Ask and it is given. Allow it in and it will appear. When you ask, the Producer writes the check every time. When you ask, the Producer gets his agents on the phone and the other players are on their way.

We think contentment, sitting in that seat, is highly possible. When you are sitting in that seat, contentment is the worst thing you are going to feel on any given day. Excitement, passion, joy, and knowing will be the upsides.

Brightest blessings to all,
~ Twelve / link to original article

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