Lisa Gawlas – The New Energies Being Laid For The Earth Worker, Sun Worker And Bridger – 14 July 2013

bridging-heaven-and-earth-1You ever get to what feels like a really long red light, you don’t want to sit there just parked any longer so you start pressing on the gas to at least rev the engine up? That would be the theme from yesterdays readings…. sorta.  There is so much energy happening.  So much building to the next great adventure, but not from you yourself, truly at the soul expression of yourself.

There is an ongoing theme still, that intense radiant white surrounding everyone’s inner life field area.  I cannot see what is taking place inside this area, at least, not yet.  The details that are showing up are all on the outside of that area.  I suppose it would be accurate to say, our soul is laying the groundwork for what is to come.  The human has been parked at the red light, idling.

It took me all day and all night to really understand what we had seen and experienced in the field yesterday.  Again, there was a slight shift in the field and the details and it takes me some time to really assimilate the bigger story.  I realized this morning there were three very different aspects being “readied” on the field.  The Earth worker, the Bridger, and the Sun worker.

The Earth Worker:

My first lady showed up in such an interesting display of light.  Several feet into what I would call her future, at the furthest area of the west side of her field (which also is representing her physical life energy too) was a version of her, only I knew it was her soul energy decked out in biology, showing a balance of the two (human with soul.)  Her soul aspect had this wheel barrow and the moment I connected to her, she moved into the center of my lady’s field, directly where that large glowing white inner field is, took her hands, started scooping out energy globs from the center field covering, the moment the energy was removed from it’s mass, it started to radiate various colors as she tossed them into the wheel barrow.  She then took the wheel barrow about 10 feet down her center path into her near future and dumped it out on the ground.

Often times for me, it is really difficult for me to understand the fullness of what I am seeing in the moment and I miss giving you details that have yet to come to me in understanding, one huge reason I write these blogs too (smile.)

This glowing white center field area that is constant, at least for now, is a massive co-mingling of your human desires charged with all the feelings you have around those desires, the trigger codes that will manifest the desire into our created life (a blue print of manifestation so to speak) and the soul energy/magnetic energy to materialize “that” into y/our created world.  What is also taking place in the areas I cannot see, is the electrical alignment into the heart of your life.  Too quantum an energy for my eyes.

I also realized today, with this precious lady, the pure whiteness of the inner field is what it looks like when it is “at rest.”  Again, think of an engine idling.  It is only when it is given a forward motion that is becomes something else.  Watching her soul body scoop out globs of her energy and it immediately takes on a color hue, is huge.  But while the soul itself is aligning this colorful energy, it will not take tangible form until the human is released to act on that energy stream.  If when the human is released from the place of idling and never acts on the energy (inner promptings/inspiration) it will never take form at all.

I can give a small, but real example.  My sharing yesterday.  If I never acted on the inner prompting to go to the Mesa and have a coffee, I would have never had the energy experience that I did.  My choice in going was not an easy one.  I do not like to do my own energy work while still having readings on my schedule, my energy in the mornings is for my clients.  Sometimes I have gone into my own meditations and came out without the ability to fully connect (mostly cuz I was loopy lol) so I choose to do me after my day is done.  And trust me, i argued with the Guardians for a good 10 minutes before acting on my inner prompting.

One can ask what makes me think she is an earth worker, mostly, this morning, because spirit is explaining the three very different readings from yesterday.  What that means to her, or any earth worker, I have no idea… yet.  But know, the ground work is already being laid.

Ohhh, another important aspect that came thru this lovely lady.  Time.  There was zero sense of timing thru every reading yesterday, however, this wonderful lady had a precious nugget built into her expression.  The center path area that went from her radiant inner field to about 10 feet into her near future was not smooth, but was more accordion like.  What her team said was the time it takes to manifest this energy is dependent totally on the person driving.  Two weeks or two months, it is fully dependent on the road created, or not created, coupled by any side trips (discordant energy within the field of ones life that we choose to travel.)

The Bridger: 

My second lady was so vastly different from my first lady.  AT what I would call the top of her radiant white inner field area emerged a form of a bridge.  There were two very distinct sides to it, the sides looked like really deep thick golden/bronze ropes that had about 1/4 inch energy spikes being emitted all the way thru its length.  The was a span of about 3 feet from one side of the rope to the other.  In this span were areas of larger spiked energy (about 10 inches long) and areas that were still pure white.  This bridge went out over time and then had a sudden drop down towards the earth, but was still about 3 feet above the earth.

The bridgers will be the ones who literally bridges heaven and earth together.  Where the “earth workers” are working directly with the high energy of the new earth in its creation and desires.  What I find interesting about this second lady, she had no soul aspect that was visible to my eyes (unlike my first and third reading.)  I have a deep feeling, it is the bridging itself that is the soul aspect.

The Sun/Soul Worker:

My beautiful man in the field showed up like a Christmas tree getting decked out.  Reminiscent to one of the deep golden ropes of the bridge lady before him, I seen his soul aspect stringing a deep golden energy that reminded me of Christmas garland for trees, up his white radiant inner field.  This string of garland started at the ground level in the S.E. area of his inner field and he was being stung in an upward circular motion that I knew, when completed, would connect directly into the other side of the veil, directly to his source.

Here is the frustrating and exciting aspects of what we are undergoing right now.  Sitting at that damn red light, feeling the engine rev under your foot while still having the brakes held down, can be, well, annoying.  However, the moment the light turns to green, the road before you will be defined and experienced in a new way… completely by you.  You can look at it very much like a road filled with magnets.  When you are inline and trusting the magnetic direction in which you are being pulled… the road in which you are creating will take you in a deep and rich experience.  However, if you choose to simply feel the pull but continue on the course set out prior to this world-wide change in frequency… well, the road will look very different.

I cannot read what has not been set into motion yet.  Dammit.  Nor would any soul tell us how long we will be at this pesky red light… dammit!  But isn’t it great to know that your soul is doing all the work now, all you have to do is get really familiar within yourself with the new, pulsing, magnetic energy and be prepared to step on the gas on a moments notice!!  Please do your best to leave the (over) protective ego chatter out of your road ahead.  Just drive into the new, unfamiliar with joy and wonder!!

YOU have been given the mantel of creation and your about to really understand what that means to you in full!!

I love you soul much.  Ohh, I want to mention too, that we have put together a fun activity for the end of the day on Sunday for those that want to participate.  A “Paint Your Vision” workshop will give you the incredible opportunity to bring to life all that you have experienced during our gathering.  A reflective creation to actually bring back home with you.  The full details are now on the gathering page at:

I love you all soul much and am sooooo excited to give some of you real life, in the flesh (((HUGZ)))).

Until tomorrow…  ((((HUGZ)))) of revved up engines!!

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