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4 Minutes News – NASA Data – Ice Age Discourse – 14 July 2013

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Jon Rappoport – The George Zimmerman Trial : Life And Death In The American Psyop – 14 July 2013

no more fake new Jon Rappoport

There were at least six extraordinary moves before the suspect, George Zimmerman, was brought up on charges.

An out-of-date photo, showing Trayvon Martin as a young innocent boy, flashed across television screens all over the world.

News stories asserted that a white man named Zimmerman killed a black child. Continue reading


BrianKellysBlog – New Study : ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Sane; Govt Dupes Crazy, Hostile – 14 July 2013

New Study: ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Sane; Govt Dupes Crazy, Hostile

July 13, 2013
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Love this study! Finally proof that those who suck down the medias version of the story now represent the minority. Please share this story far and wide! The label ‘conspiracy theory’ was created by the CIA to discredit those who came forward with ultimate versions of the Kennedy assassinations. The time has finally arrived to end that “propaganda initiative” once and for all! ~BK Continue reading

WakingTimes – Gregg Prescott – How To Deprogram yourself – 14 July 2013

waking_times_logo_6-5-12_1Society has undergone a mass brainwashing, and it is time for us to deprogram ourselves in order to be completely immersed in the evolution of consciousness.

1. Religion

If a UFO were to land in your backyard tonight, I promise that ET will not have either a bible or money. Religion has been the longest running form of mind control on the planet and has served to not only keep us separated, but to depopulate the world through numerous wars, Inquisitions and Crusades in the name of “God”. Continue reading

Infinte Waters – You Are Not Alone (How To Live Your Dreams No Matter What) – 14 July 2013

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Blossom Goodchild – 14 July 2013

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Good morning my friends.  Ok … I have a little quandary here that I am hoping you may be able to sort out and therefore decide which way we need to go. I have many write in to say that I ask you all they would ask and they feel exactly the same as I do. I also … get a few from others who say they are bored with me asking the same questions … when will I ‘get it’ and can we PLEASE move on to something interesting . So … over to you … what would be your take on the way to go? Continue reading

Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Contentment Is Highly Possible – 14 July 2013

You are not here just to be the subject of something God has planned for you. God did not just simply assign you a role in His movie. God said, “Here, in this magnificent Universe each of you can make your own movie. Here’s your seat; the Director’s chair. Here’s your Producer; meet Mr. Law Of Attraction. He has infinite resources. Continue reading

Teal Scott – If We Create Our Own Reality, How Do You Explain Suffering? – 14 July 2013

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Aisha North – The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 335 – 14 July 2013

aishanorthMankind have set their sights on the stars a very long time ago, and since then, you have struggled and toiled to try to find any answers hidden in that intriguing matrix you see glittering above you on the firmament. Some of these secrets have been divulged to you already, but they are merely scratches on the surface in every way. For you have already send your little mechanical emissaries far from home, and they are busy crawling around collecting data and images in so many ways, but what they all depict, are barren wastelands devoid of life. So you hanker to go further, and you invest many an hour searching for that ever elusive ”life in space” as you like to call it. Burt where can it be found, and how can you even contemplate connecting with it? The answers to all of these questions are of course slightly different for people such as you, for not only are you already aware that mankind is not the only living intelligent being existing in All of creation, you know you are simply one amongst such a colorful multitude, it will put your head in a spin simply trying to figure it all out. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Problems In Italy Go On ( And On And On); Coalition On Verge Of Collapse, Every Economic Statistic Heads Wrong Way – 14 July 2013

mish-image-15%With a fragile coalition that is barely hanging on by a thread, a new battle over tax hikes and a stick it to the rich mentality is about to set in.

Needing revenue to meet its budget deficit targets, Italy’s Finance Undersecretary Says Budget Crunch May Require More From Rich.

Italian Finance Undersecretary Pier Paolo Baretta said the government is considering shifting the tax burden to the wealthy in order to satisfy demands for broad-based fiscal easing and meet its 2013 deficit target. Continue reading