People’sTrustSaskatoon – What Is Relevant In This Moment Of Now – 14 July 2013

Before I start this article I want you to know that this is my perspective & I’m not saying anyone has to believe what I think is right or wrong. If it resonates with you, thats fine. If not that is fine too!

Longer than we can all remember there has been all kinds of things done to us to DIVIDE & CONQUER!!

False flags are created to distract our attention from creating out new HEAVEN on EARTH.
Even if they are not false flags, why would we focus on that instead of creating new? Is it because our logical mind controls us to waste our energy on these things?

Things are designed to distract for a reason! Will we continue to let our energy be harvested?
What are things that would distract? Anything from the old 3D paradigm like:

We have a case of a security guard shooting a young man, no matter if it happened or not or whether the court case is fair or not. It is all done this way for a reason. DIVIDE & CONQUER

We also have a supposedly world wide currency revalue that has been happening for such a long time now. For many reasons it has not happened.

I won’t make a big list of all the things that are used to distract as we should all know what is up with all that. I myself stopped going down the rabbit hole quite awhile ago as I know if I didn’t I could keep going & would never get to create the new reality I would LOVE to see!

Another thing to remember is that we all chose these life plans that we laid out for ourselves (we don’t remember right now) & our higher self knows the plan & this is why when we just let everyting go & allow it to flow, it will all work out just the way we planned. Trust that you made the perfect plan for you to experience all that is to make you the beautiful LOVING being you are. We are all just playing a role in the grand experiment & some of us LOVING beings had to play the not so good roles. They did this so we could experience the contrast & now it is time for us to show them we LOVE them so they can remember they are ONE with us too. There is no us & them as we are ONE with all that is!! Forgiveness is KEY as we don’t hurt anyone but ourseves by not forgiving. Once everyone remembers who they truly are everything changes big time & many have started remembering already.

Don’t look externally for change as it all begins within, once we change ourselves from within then everything on the outside changes along with us. Be the change you want to see.

The rest of this month there is huge energies happening with alignments, portals opening etc. & there is no better time to manifest our new reality than this moment of NOW!

Other than creating our new reality, everything else is IRRELEVANT!!!!! LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS & WE ARE LOVE!!!!!!!

So here is the challenge if this all resonates with you: Let everything go & don’t worry about a thing! Just BE & focus on Co-IMAGINEERING our ONEderful new FREEALITY!!


Pete Lysohirka

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