AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Smile, And The Whole Universe Smiles With You – 15 July 2013

July 14, 2013

We do not all have to experience this degree of this sense of separation in order to receive the understanding. This is your gift to this universe and universes beyond. Your gift is the experience and the assimilation of this. And there are other points of consciousness that explore other realms and do similarly, yet understand that this particular 3-D earth experience in polarities/opposites is a one-of-a-kind.

We invite you to step back from the full immersion into this earthly experience. Step back just a bit and really, truly appreciate who you are and what you have chosen to do. Even if in your 3D perspective you do not feel the appreciation and the love reverberating through this universal field, it is all here to support you, to be present with you.

You have adapted to and identified with quite a smaller version of yourself. So how to bridge to these higher frequencies? It is simply through practice. There is no surprise there. Practice. Also be willing to see and acknowledge that even though you have created an identity that you feel is “spiritual and aware”, be willing to humble yourself, to bring yourself and your awareness into present place – where you may feel and experience That Which You Are. And to be willing to let go of all ideas or symbols that stood as placeholder for your spirit, that stood for your true value and heart consciousness… to be willing to let go of these ideas and to fully be – HERE.

Do not judge yourselves if you feel fear. For this is what occurs with most where there is a surge of the greater awareness of who you are. There is a judgement of self that, “Well, I was living a very spiritual life and people even come to me with their questions of consciousness and spirituality. And I feel fear! How could this be? I cannot reveal to others that I feel fear for I have this image to uphold as a spiritual being!”  This must all go now, for in order to expand and adapt to these frequencies that are present for all of you now, all ideas of who you thought you were must be released so that this field may inform you of your true identity.

What is important to know at this time is to be gentle with yourselves. The self-judgment hinders your growth and expansion the most. Of all that we can view now in this process of expansion, this adapting to your greater self and consciousness, is that when you self-deprecate and self-judge, it stops your momentum. This is when the consciousness tends to revert back and sync back into the paradigm of limitation, or a  sense of “no-value” inherent within, and when you tend to revert back to your projections… your symbols of value. So we would suggest that when you become aware of self-judgement… (and of course the judgment of others as well, for this is ultimately self-judgement within this context of oneness.) When you notice this, we would encourage smiling or laughing. Yes. Be in wonder, in innocence, and observe… stating out loud something to the effect of, “Look, I’m doing it again. Isn’t that fascinating???”  Once again apply this to yourself, your own self judgement, as well as when you notice that you are judging others, or comparing your life conditions to another’s life conditions and feeling that somehow you were dealt less than another, or that you did not have the same opportunities as another and so on and so forth, smile and change the energy. Bring yourself back into the present-moment joy. Reorient yourself and point yourself in the direction of this ever-present field of Love. You are simply making yourself available so that it may continue to inform you of the truth of your identity.

At this timing, it is all up to you to show up in this present-moment consciousness and say “Yes! I seem to have placed these bars or barriers to my wholeness, and I’m willing to see things differently, to feel things differently, to perceive things in an entirely different way, and it’s okay if I sometimes feel fear.” We garuantee that you will notice, if you truly comitt to practicing this presence, we guarantee that you will see and experience results in your expansion, in your ability to adapt to this greater field of consciousness… your greater identity.

This encouragement is being made available to more and more people. Simply ask for the help. We, and a growing number of others, are present with you whenever there is a degree of presence in your consciousness. We are meeting NOW. This is our intersection with you… Can you feel the smile? / link to original article

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