Fran Zepeda – Archangel Zadkiel: Your Heart Is The True Power In Your Life. Allow It To Lead The Way – 14 July 2013

Zadkiel.ashtarcommandcrew.netArchangel Zadkiel:

Hello dear ones, I AM Archangel Zadkiel. I wish to give a message today to all you children of the Galactic Sun, purveyors of Peace and holders of Love.

My dear ones, much is afoot. Much is behind the scenes waiting to burst open and I am here to help you decipher it and to receive it into your hearts as truth.

See yourselves for who you are now, dear ones. Hold that dear to your hearts and move forward with it into the sunlight of truth, that all-pervading air and breath of truth. For the time is now to receive it fully from within and hold it as sacred ever more. Hold it and see it clearly now, dear ones.

I am here to help you clarify for yourselves what is true for yourselves once and for all. Listen closely to your heart now and I will help you hear it more clearly. Let nothing else invade or pervade the clarity that is sitting there.

See and grasp the essence now, and let it grow within you. Let it grow without hindrance, without interference and false perceptions from your ego-self. Ask your egoic mind to recede now and allow your True Self to be there without any interpretation or input from fears or illusions lurking around you in thought forms of others and your former selves, those selves that once ruled you but are now fading away to make room for your Divine Essence to be prevalent and all-sustaining and all-pervading.

Your Heart is the true power in your life. Allow it to lead the way, dear ones. Let nothing dilute it from emerging as full power and glory within you until it takes over your Being and reveals what you have been searching for, your divine nature, glowing and prosperous in integrity and form.

Do not forsake your own voice, dear ones, Filter out the intrusion of other’s voices that may be conflicting. Allow the still, quiet voice within to become loud and all-pervading. For it is leading the way for all actions and thoughts now, a Love that is unequalled ever in your history. Flex those muscles that have not been utilized for eons when you allowed your lesser self, your ego self, to rule your thoughts and actions; allow it instead to be there as an advisor and an observer that shows you what you need to clear, and work with it using your Divine Self to elevate your experience and purify it.

My dear children of the Sun, my dear children of Mother Earth, my dear children of all Eternity, you are emerging, you are advancing and you are taking the reins for a clearer brighter world to emerge.  And it is glorious to see from our perspective. It is not coming too soon, for all is ready for its emergence and its debut. The time is now to allow it.

Sitting within you is such power. Unleashing it can sometimes bring up fears. Surround them with your divine light and work with them and talk with them until they become just a glowing presence of Love and Light, dissolving out of the way and making room for your golden gem of power to prevail.

I assist you now, dear ones. I am with you in this journey. Recover your true power, your true glory. It is safe to do so. It is time.

I come before you now and I light your way. Follow my lead. See me now illuminating your essence to full power. You are all angels of mercy, as am I, here to bring your grace, compassion and power to a once dimly lit world that is growing ever-more bright because of your presence. Be that illumination that you are, in full power, by just accepting who you are now, messengers of Love and Light, as am I.

You have the power. Go forth and spread your Light as you stoke it further within you by just your intention to know your Divine Self even further.

I leave you now with this message of Love and ever-present Light. Allow it to mirror your Glowing Light within you.

I AM Archangel Zadkiel

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