Laura Bruno – Time to Change and Create Your Own Reality By Example – 15 July 2013

laura brunoAnother great share from my soul sister, Tania Marie. I appreciate her words on channeling, as well as the message itself, so I’m repeating them below, along with a note of how timely this message arrives.

I spent the morning at Goshen’s LaCasa, Inc. discussing ways to increase community involvement in community gardens, particularly in lower income or mixed use neighborhoods. I suggested not separating the “garden for beauty” from the “garden for produce,” but instead combining both together for a more enticing community gathering place. Who wants to weed and water when it’s 90+ and muggy, unless this experience can become something enjoyable in and of itself!? Gardening is about more than just the planting and the harvest. Through community gardens, we can foster connections among each other and to the Earth. I offered to teach a short class on “lazy gardening” if the neighborhood committee agrees to it.

As I explained at the meeting: “I’m a brat. If it’s not beautiful, fun and relatively easy, I’m really not interested. The trick is to find ways to make the front end work fun, to incorporate flowers/beauty into the gardens, perhaps even some low care herbs, and then make it a nice place to congregate. Get some compost and mulch down there after an initial weeding party, and you’ll be good to go for much of the summer. It will be a lovelier place to visit before harvest, and the more peaceful and beautiful, the more likely people are to visit and do a little weeding and watering here and there.”

We also explored possibilities for the renovation of our particular street in Goshen, and I shared some highly viable, minimally invasive, maximum impact ideas that hadn’t been thought of before. In return, I received contact information for people who can help make these ideas a reality that fosters beauty and community in the process. A friend and I then followed up this meeting by visiting each others’ gardens, and I helped her strategize for higher yields and less work in a 50′ x 35′ portion of her yard that she’s dedicated to the CCS Seed to Feed program, which provides food to a Free Farmers Market and other free food organizations.

I personally desire to live in a beautiful world in which people (largely) work together, love their neighbors and feel confident in the abundant supply of food and resources Nature freely gives. Sure, I could get worried about fascist food takeovers and the collapse of the American economy, but why not do something about it? A few months ago, I began with the massive and evolving project that is our “yard.” If you had seen what we have to work with, you might have considered me — like our neighbors originally did — a bit insane. But I have this vision, and the vision continues to manifest. Yesterday, we had our landlords over to see what we’ve done with the place, inside and out. It was a gut rehab that our landlord (who’s very involved with LaCasa) considers his “contribution to the neighborhood.” His wife teared up when she visited my garden(s) and said, “I never thought I’d see this yard look so good!” I then promptly received permission to plant three persimmon trees next Fall in a special spot that will raise their climate zone to a suitable level.

All of which is to say: Change happens — through inspiration and desire inside ourselves, spilling over to our immediate surroundings, and it ripples out from there. People laugh, but, mark my words, this street will be beautiful when I’m through with it. (Actually, most people are starting to believe me about that now!) As our six-year-old friend, Skye says, “You can’t stop art.” Well, you can’t stop pixie dust, either, and I might just have the Motherload of pixie dust. ;)

Anyway, here’s Tania:

“A dear cosmic brother of mine shared this video of Bashar, a multi-dimensional extra-terrestrial being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future. He has a profound, fun and poignant type of humor that cuts through things and the way his messages come through may not be for everyone, but again, listen to the message and see how it meshes or what it brings up in you.

“I am posting this particular message because it happens to mirror my own beliefs and it feels very poignant for everything going on right now. It’s something I actually find myself sharing a lot with people, long before I just saw this video a couple of days ago. I only post things that resonate with me and that I feel have something valuable to teach. You can choose for yourself if you like what you hear. Again, I’m not particularly interested in “who” says something, as much as I am with, “does the message mirror my feelings?”

“It’s not often I share channeled messages, as I know that people sometimes get hung up on “channeling” or who is being channeled. But when I feel a particular message has importance, then I follow the nudge to share it. I think it’s important also to learn to weed through things, not get caught in definitions of words, and to also not get hung up on following any one particular person. Everything is merely a mirror of your own wisdom and Divinity. Exercise it.” / link to original article


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