Mark Hoza – Project XIII Update – 16 July 2013

MarkHozaI just got off a Skype call with Caleb Skinner.  He just re-submitted the Windows Mobile App for Project xiii to the app store.  As long as it passes, Project 13 will be available as early as this Saturday.  If it doesn’t go through for some reason in the Windows Mobile App store then they will have to take it back to the bench.

So don’t count on it coming out this time, and also don’t expect to access your value in the I / Eternal Value System (I / UV Exchange –>  I / UV INchange  –>  I / Eternal Value System is what the evolution is looking like as Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf works to bring out tools to assist all of us in accessing and using our value to work with others.) with it with this version.  It won’t be set up for that until that is added after Heather does what she needs to do and then Caleb adds that feature.

The iPhone App will follow, but not set on a date for that, yet.  It will be soon, however.  I won’t say a date.  When I know that it has been submitted or even availabel I’ll say then.

It will start out at no charge until he is happy that everything is running smoothly and he adds the payment for service on it.

Silverlight version for Windows and Mac is being developed, but no estimated date to release.  He’ll be focused on getting that done now, as long as the Windows Mobile App gets accepted.

Once the Apps are released then he has to have the website running to set up new accounts.  The Apps will be free for all platforms.  It’s the Pxiii account that will cost $1/month once that is being billed for.  (Free for now, as I said before.)  I neglected to ask the question when the website will be working to set up new accounts.  Just didn’t think of that detail.  I just expect that he has that figured out, but I will find out how it will work and say when I know.

If you want to pass on this information I would like to have this all copied so that people don’t start saying Pxiii is coming out Saturday or something like that.  I am saying that it has been re-submitted to the Windows Mobile App store.  If it is accepted then it will likely be available Saturday or shortly thereafter.  If it has any issues that they haven’t picked up then it will be rejected for further patches until it passes.  Caleb of course thinks it will pass because he submitted it.  But he also thought it would pass the first time, so be real about it and know that it will come available as soon as it passes the submission process.

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