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ZeroHegde – Tyler Durden – Average Goldman Compensation Soars To Post-Lehman High Of $431,956 Despite Lacklustre Results – 16 July 2013

ZeroHedgeGoldman is baaaaaack…. if only in soaring compensation.

While the firm reported trading results that were largely unspectacular in Q2 (very much as the Jefferies early glimpse foretold) with solid drops on a Q/Q basis in the two key revenue categories, FICC down 23% from Q1 and at $2.46 billion it missed expectations of a $2.53 billion print and Investing and Lending, i.e., Prop Trading, which had its worst quarter in one year and was down 32% Q/Q, not to mention a 21% plunge in revenues from equities client execution, it was the usual game of beating lowered expectations that allowed the firm to glide through its Q2 results. EPS was expected at $2.89 and came at $3.70; Revenues was expected at $7.97 billion and came at $8.61 billion, down 15% from Q1 but 30% better than a year ago; I-Banking down 1% to $1.55 billion but beating expectations of $1.35bn, Investing and Lending plunging but at $1.42 bn beating expectations of an even greater drubbing at $870MM. Continue reading

Steve Lendman – Lawlessness Is Official US Policy – 16 July 2013

StevelendmanSweeping mass surveillance continues. It won’t stop. It’s intensifying. It reflects rogue state governance. It has nothing to do with national security. Claiming it’s a red herring.
It’s about control. It’s to advance America’s imperium. It’s political and corporate espionage. It’s monitoring truth-tellers. It’s targeting constitutional rights.  Continue reading

Krista Raisa – High Council Of Orion – 16 July 2013

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5DMediaNetwork – The Collective Imagination Blogtalk Radio – 16/17 July – 16 July 2013

5D-medianetworkLink to radio show

USA EDT/ 16 July 2013, 20.00 pm, European Mainland, 17 July 2013, 02.00 am, Australia ,Sydney- 17July 2013, 10.00 am

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At this pivotal time in Humanities evolution we are beginning to remember our organic technology. A technology when used correctly, can create an experience that the majority of people the world over want to live. It is time to use this technology consciously for our own benefit and healing and no longer unconsciously for own demise.

We are divine creators, creating both our own personal experience and our collective experience moment to moment.

We invite you to join us as we reawaken this technology through experiment,  and experience our power to create and manifest.


Join Hosts Lisa M Harrison, Bob Wright, Chris Hales, Barbara Karnes and special guests for 2 hours of pure fun as we rediscover our creative power.


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Visionkeeper – Choosing A Path And Staying On It – 16 July 2013

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As we begin to adjust to the new world slowly unfolding before us, it is now time to decide what path we are going to choose to go down. Are we going to remain stuck within the distorted memes of the old paradigm, or are we going to go free and open our arms and embrace a whole new way of being, free of all the limitations on who we can be? We have entered the final end stage of our journey and it is time to make our decision. We can no longer sit quietly on the fence and dabble our feet in both worlds. It has been a difficult time, for as we have grown in knowledge, we are finding it more and more difficult to accept what we see going on around us. The truth of reality is escaping little by little and as we ingest more of it, the old ways no longer fit. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – NASA Confirms Flare-Maker, Major Quake, CMEs Earth Directed – 16 July 2013

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Mark Hoza – Project XIII Update – 16 July 2013

MarkHozaI just got off a Skype call with Caleb Skinner.  He just re-submitted the Windows Mobile App for Project xiii to the app store.  As long as it passes, Project 13 will be available as early as this Saturday.  If it doesn’t go through for some reason in the Windows Mobile App store then they will have to take it back to the bench. Continue reading

John Ward – The Paedofile: The Untold Story of Abuse Beyond Care Homes – 16 July 2013

kidstreetMirror confirms what many of us have thought for years: kids are abused whether they go through the care system or not

The streets are every bit as dangerous as the Care System Continue reading

CommonDreams – Exxon Valdez Recovery Remains Stuck In Limbo – 16 July 2013

July 15, 2013
4:31 PM

CONTACT: Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)

Kirsten Stade (202) 265-7337
Email: info@peer.org

Exxon Valdez Recovery Remains Stuck in Limbo Continue reading

Jan Lopatka – Czech Prosecutors Seek To Charge Former PM Necas – 16 July 2013

Czech Republic's outgoing prime minister Petr Necas arrives at a European Union leaders summit in Brussels June 28, 2013. REUTERS/Francois LenoirCredit Photo: Reuters/Francois Lenoir

(Reuters) – Czech prosecutors asked the lower house of parliament to lift the immunity of former prime minister Petr Necas on Monday, the first time in the country’s modern history that a head of government may face criminal charges.

Necas, 48, quit as prime minister last month after a close aide was charged with bribery and abuse of office, but he remains a member of parliament and has parliamentary immunity.

Read the whole story at: www.reuters.com/ link to original article