IntelliHub – Fukushima Residents: Highly Contaminated Radioactive Waste Burning In Samegawa – 18 July 2013

Intel-Hub-Logo-I-1The following statement was released by citizens in the Southern part of the Fukushima prefecture in Japan. The information is far more than disturbing to say the least.
July 18, 2013

From the residents of Fukushima Prefecture;

Please be noted that we, residents of Fukushima Shirakawa district (southern part of Fukushima prefecture) will perform action against the Ministry of Environment’s burning project of highly contaminated radioactive waste (more than 8000 Bq/kg) on 18th July, here in Samegawa.

Fukushima Disaster is not over, but the Ministry of Environment (MOE) is trying to bring another contamination plan all over the world.

Last fall, MOE secretly ordered Hitachi Zosen to construct a controversial radioactive waste incinerator in small village of Samegawa with only 4000 population. Construction has been
completed late June, but there had been no prior information about the project, no such public consultation. Furthermore, last week,some landowners spoke out they never admitted nor signed the contract, but the government mysteriously announced they had all landowners consent to run the project.

It is the world-first demonstration incinerator, with unproven technology, and even MOE admitted the technology is still its experimental stage, but MOE and Hitachi Zosen would not stop the experimental incineration. Rather they have been rushing, because until now no other municipalities accept such dangerous facility. They say radioactive cesium could be caught by baghouse filtration, but it cannot catch gaseous substances and small particles like PM2.5 or nano-sized particles.

There is no way to stop radioactive cesium emitted from smokestack, it simply get into the atmosphere and travel the globe.

The location of incinerator is amidst the pastureland, rich in groundwater and forestry. Ironically, the level of radioactive cesium is comparatively low compared to other parts of Fukushima prefecture, and people are still living here, children are living here, cattle are living here. At the same time, people are dying, children are dying, they are having cancers.

How can we tolerate the second contamination by our own government? How can we believe the project of IAEA and nuclear power plant manufacturer? We are so angry. We have right to protect ourselves, our children, our lives and our district. There is no legitimacy for polluting project.

We ask you sirs to come to Samegawa on 18th and see what is happening here and what will happen all over the world. Please report our situation to your country so that we can protect our earth together. We are preparing English signboards to tell the people all over the world!


Setuko Yamamoto; link to original article

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