John Ward – The Paedofile : All Mouth & Trousers From Plod. Situation Normal – 18 July 2013

John WardWe’re back in that strange nether world of the Unnamed Arrests of the Ancient, and the Outing of the Dead Paedophiles. Papers obtained by Exaro show just how vigorously Cyril Smith (dec) defended himself against charges of paedophilia. And Baroness Thatcher (dec) tried umpteen times to get Jimmy Savile (dec) a knighthood, herself having a personal adviser Peter Middleton (dec) who was a raging child-shagger.

Today, Police investigating historical abuse of children at care homes across north Wales have arrested a 72-year-old man in Wrexham.

Plod said the individual was arrested on suspicion of eight physical assaults alleged to have taken place between 1974 and 1986, involving five boys and three girls. The unnamed arrested man has been taken to an un-named police station in north Wales, the town of which has also asked to remain anonymous.

We are still being offered the opinion in this pavanne that all paedophiles are either former evil BBC employees (not anchors on SkyNews), dead, or now in their nineties. While in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the US, media consumers are clear about most of the facts, over here in Europe those of us following developments closely are left in a state of eternal tumescence. In the long-gone days before the Pill and pc, such a practice by young ladies consorting with young blades was known as ‘prick-teasing’. The Beatles immortalised the practice on the single track Day Tripper, which contains the lines ‘She’s a prick teaser/She took me half the way there’. It is the same with Plod when it comes to the Elm House saga.

I have now been told on five separate occasions over the last seven months that Operation Fearnbridge-Whittingstall-something-or-other was about to yield a sensational arrest, only to discover that either nothing happened, or a bloke we already knew about had been ‘held’. There’s a joke about onanism in there but I can’t be bothered.

I have a serious theory that in the rapidly ageing, depraved and sexually satiated MciAlvelli eurozone, there is a sort of disgusting roué acceptance of infant bum-f**king; and the same is true of Asia, where the civilisations are older, and the value put on human life much lower. But in the Young Countries, a reassuring desire to bring the baddies to book still pertains. I’ve never been to Thailand; however, I’m told that nothing there is off-limits – no matter how bestial, beelzebub or bare-arsed your predelictions might be. But whereas the CIA will tell Australia about a naked paedo-ring linked to Thailand – and get a response, US contacts tell me that apathy is the dominant reaction from British authorities.

On the main continent of Europe, this is even more true. Child molestation was for decades treated by the Roman Church as a price that must be paid in order to have otherwise celibate priests. The Dutch in Amsterdam for years adopted a ludicrously tolerant attitude towards paedophilia. In East European cities like Prague, Budapest and Berlin, there have always been easily organised ‘excursions’ for those who prefer intercourse with people under three feet tall.

But nevertheless, Britain is the main place in the West where there is a unique partnership between dislike of discussing the subject on the one hand, or simply denying its existence on the other.

London Mayor Boris Johnson declares himself “extremely satisfied” with progress on the Elm House enquiry looking into organised blind-eye child-trafficking perpetrated by Richmond Council, but the rest of us feel frustrated (in every sense) by the constant promises of revelation…and the equally consistent failure of such unmasking ceremonies to become public.

Meanwhile, the wilful ignorance of our Establishment is far from bliss: Allan Martin from Tunbridge Wells was locked up indefinitely for public protection in February 2011, with a two-year minimum, for sexual assault, attempted sexual assault and breaching his sexual offences prevention order (SOPO). But the sentence was overturned on appeal and a determinate term of two-and-a-half years substituted – with release at the halfway stage of his sentence. He then molested a boy in a church toilet after breaching a sexual offences prevention order by downloading indecent images of children. But at the second trial, his Brief was still insisting that, in the light of his client’s commitment to a prison for the mentally ill, the sentence represented “a sledgehammer to crack a nut”.

I give up. / link to original article

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