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I think one of the harder things many encounter in their lives for some reason, is making themselves happy! Somewhere in our teachings that were crammed down our throats we got the false idea that our happiness came from outside of ourselves. Nothing could be further from the truth and boy this is one lesson we need to get a handle on. Everything about living in this world begins with ourselves and radiates outward. It is ourselves we must rely upon and not expect anything from anybody else. A key component to being strong in the world is knowing oneself well and being self-sufficient. When we rely on others to help us along continually, we give our power away to someone else. We don’t ever want to lose control of our own power. It is fine when we hit a snag in life to get a hand up, but relying on hand ups for our existence weakens us greatly. Our foundation is no longer ours and it can crumble at any time. To be the mighty oak with deep roots that hug the earth we must do for ourselves.

So many of the neat inventions that have been created for our convenience to make life easier have been a double-edged sword. Yes they may have lightened our load, but at what cost? With each new gadget created are we not also loosing our abilities to do things for ourselves and becoming more dependent on others? Look at our grocery stores now. Ten percent of the store at best is given over to fresh food and the other ninety percent is devoted to processed foods, frozen foods, canned foods all created with ease and quick preparation in mind. Pretty soon we will be looking at a whole generation who no longer knows how to cook from scratch, who can’t grow their own food and has no desire to do for themselves. This is very dangerous indeed.

As dearly as I love the internet and can see how it has been a phenomenal aid to the awakening process, I also see where we have gotten stuck and dependent. If we no longer had it would we not be pressed into discovering at long last how to communicate without any aid such as telepathically? We seem to be a society who moves forward only when pressed to do so. I don’t know, maybe that is by design, maybe that is how the universe has decided we will learn in increments. I guess it really doesn’t matter as long as we eventually free ourselves as we become stuck and don’t linger too long.

I always believed in that quote that said “Give a man fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime”. We have never been taught to be self-sufficient but rather dependent as a society. We are now seeing the errors of our ways thank goodness. Self sufficiency among the awakened is becoming the new norm and it is nice to see, I just hope the rest of humanity catches on soon and follows suit. As I said in the beginning of this post, there is great strength in being able to do for ourselves, not only because we are free but because it builds self-worth and self-esteem and when they are both high we are powerful for we know and trust ourselves and we are happy.

Having ended that sentence with the word happy, I will end this post addressing happiness. That too we must find for ourselves. How many relationships do we see fall apart because one or both of the people is relying on the other to make them happy? We have to make ourselves happy by how we live our lives, by what standards we live up to, if we are following our hearts and our dreams, if we truly learn to be authentic and learn to love ourselves just as we are. We create our own lives and decide how they will unfold before us. Let us climb out of our boxes and create the best lives imaginable.

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