AdaptingToGrace – Eileen Meyer – Coming To The Crossroads – 19 July 2013

eileenmeyerTransmission 071713Many of you are being asked at this time, due to energetic influences from the Greater Sun, to pack up your things, to pull up what you thought was your anchoring in the ground and the places where you have found shelter. For some this is metaphorical, for others it is literal.

Do not think on these things. Feel and choose… for you are coming to the proverbial fork in the road at this timing. It is not the first, and it is not the last fork in the road, but do understand that your souls are in this knowing awareness – whether you are conscious of it or not – that you are making choices now as to how you wish to explore the remainder of your human life on Earth. How does one prepare or how does one make this decision? You have been preparing for this part of your journey for quite some time. There are many stories of life from many perspectives – and many of you are sifting through the stories that were given and have made your decision as to what you will carry with you on your journey and what you are not. What resonates with you? What works for you? What is true for you?

You are moving on… leaving all distractions aside, moving into your own heart center and heart consciousness. What enhances your life? What nurtures you? What brings you joy? What brings you out-and-out glee? This is the direction in which to point yourselves. No matter what is going on around with others’ explorations, others’ current stories, others’ pain or even others’ joy, it is time to know what is going on with you. How well do you know yourself at this moment, at this crossroads… at this fork in the road? It is time to go within and to ask what is true for you, before making the outward decisions about which direction to proceed now.

You will find that what you had uprooted, pulled out and packed – the stuff that you are hauling that you had found useful at one point or another in your 3D perspective – you will carry these things with you and you will find that after making the choice at the crossroads, a great deal of what you thought was important will fall away rapidly. And it is not so much that you will have a need to find replacement for what falls away. Allow yourselves to feel the freedom, the lightness of your being in your traveling for a time. It is important at this stage that you feel this so that you may find resonance with the core or heart of your being to some degree, for your lives will be much more enjoyable, shall we say, the more that you find and know and resonate with this Love that you are.

Many of you will continue to find that in answering the question, “Is this love or is this fear?”, and moving into your feeling nature to respond (this is a very simple yet very effective tool in this pre-fork-in-the-road stage, as well as post-fork in the road), that you will continue to answer this question and in choosing love you will find that your lives will become less complicated, less dense, less heavy. Be patient with yourselves as you move through this process. If you should feel the panic that sometimes occurs when you do not have what you have once relied upon – others telling you what to feel, what to do, what to think, which has been for many an addictive behavior – allow yourselves to recognize and acknowledge that indeed this is panic, this is anxiety, for I am having to go without what I had become accustomed to receiving and naming “important” for my life. In the past there was the conditioning to follow directions and to follow what others dictate to be true.

It is pre-crossroads and post-crossroads that you will be discovering more of yourselves and therefore relying more on your direct connection with heart, with love, with the universal – you will begin honoring this and practicing this new (seemingly new) activity of making these choices for yourself. This is Self reliance – self with a capital ‘S’ in your language. So be easy on yourselves, watch the self-judgement for you are allowing yourselves to simultaneously let go and remember, recall, and adapt to the frequencies that lie beneath all of the stuff that you have been carrying – all of the stuff that you once thought was important in living human life on earth.

You are not alone. Never are you alone in these processes. Adapting to you heart consciousness is this next phase, if you will, should you choose to continue in the direction of expansion and adaptation to Love. There are always many choices, many branches. At this point it appears to be two in the fork in the road, but truly there are many offshoots and tributaries, many other choices to make. All choices are equal and valid. Some will choose to stay in this 3D “comfort zone”, if you will, although many of you experience increasing discomfort with what you had once adapted to and accepted as real and as what you termed “life”, and we are delighted to witness that many, many, many of you are recognizing and recalling and remembering the frequency of Love, thereby canceling out your attraction and what you once deferred to as, “the way it is”. You will more rapidly allow yourselves to let go of these attachments. You will leave it behind… for your being, your energy, your heart, is being called into a new direction.

Let go and move on. Life is good. Feel this. Know this. Adapt to this. Leave the stories behind. Leave the characters behind that no longer serve you, that no longer serve heart, for heart lies at the core of your identity throughout the cosmos, the universe and universes. This is the direction that most of humanity will move forward in. Your lives will be far more relaxed and you will be far more supported for being who you are very soon. If you are not experiencing this, we encourage you to continue to check back in with where your attention is. Do you feel love or do you feel fear? Your experiences and your perceptions about self are based on this choice. Ask for help. Ask for clarity. Ask for all of what you feel that you want or need to support you on your journey. You no longer need to sell your soul in order to feel supported, do you see? Own your soul. Invite your soul to live the life and you will remember your fullness, your value in form on earth. Many, many, many throughout this universe are looking forward to watching you blossom, unfold, and remember who you are in form.

Bring your attention to the seat of your soul. Bring your attention to your own heart. Feel now, for you will not find this within your own consciousness with your thoughts, with your ideas. There has been an addiction to thought and ideas. This is one addiction that will fall away for many of you. There is a pattern with addiction in that an addict chooses to stay with what they are accustomed to. They are more terrified of the unknown than they are of the known. Therefore, they stay in these cycles that will in the end release them from the experience of a downward spiral through physical death. You see in this case, it is no longer adapting to the darkness; it simply becomes an endless spiral of pain. Consciousness, awareness is increasingly lost or stagnate when one chooses to remain addicted to what they know. And on a more grand scale, this is what all of humanity is experiencing. Do you choose to stay with the swirling darkness of what you know, or will you have the courage to let go of all that does not serve you and allow yourselves to feel who you truly are? Do not be afraid of the largeness of your being, your expansiveness. Bring your enthusiasm that you once applied to adapting to smaller spaces… bring this enthusiasm and this amazing ability that humans have to adapt… bring this onto your new path of expansion.

Allow yourselves to feel the joy of this. You are masters in adaptation! Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and point yourself in the direction of expansion. You will be overjoyed that you did and that you are. We cheer you on always. Our presence is here and available for each and every one of you. It is as simple as asking from your feeling nature, for this is where you are heard, and as we have said in the past, this is when you show up on the radar. Speak honestly and speak with feeling and we are instantaneously in your network. Practice this. Test it out as you say. You will be pleasantly surprised. Until the next ‘now’ moment, we bid you good day.

Note: Many people ask, “Who are these beings?” Generally, they are us… the rest of ourSelves… a network of Gold Light Beings and those beings who resonate with the gold light. I gave you these words because the mind gets agitated without them. Understand that “they” want you to feel and know and remember them through frequency identification – a natural ability that we will practice again very soon. em / link to original article


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