I UV – R&R With Angel Lucci And Friends – 19 July 2013


R&R with Angel Lucci and friends

By Eneida Vega, July 18, 2013
For more updates on Angel’s “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.

BEing and DOing is what Angel Lucci has been up to since the end of June when he set off to create the One People’s “Let’s Pull Together” tour around the country.

From left to right: Juan, Bob Wright, Eneida Vega, Bobby Peck and Angel Lucci

In an R&R stop at Wilkes-Barre, PA , I had the beautiful opportunity to catch up with Angel to find out how things have been going for him on his tour. A very sleepy Angel greeted me with a hug having just driven in from New York City on his motorcycle along with his friend, greeted me with a hug and I felt like I was hugging a great big ball of sunshine.

I was also graced with the chance to meet Bob Wright (and family) and Bobby Peck as well. Three amazing and beautiful people: Angel, an embodiment glowing with love and light; Bob, an avid storyteller; and Bobby, a strong embodiment with a compassionate heart and a fellow creative being.

Not knowing Angel very well, except for having read his blog Streets of Love-Unconventional for the last few months and learning about the awesome idea he had to spread his word to the people himself, I prepared a few questions to ask him. Boy was that pointless (ha ha ha).

I very soon abandoned my list of questions realizing they were irrelevant to his journey and just allowed the energy to flow as I sat back and listened to him and Bobby intently talk about what it’s been like so far. Angel himself admitted to, at times, abandoning his prepared presentation on his tour because it was better to let the conversations and interactions of the people he met flow naturally. He compared what he had been doing out there with what we were doing then…talking and sharing and having fun.

I didn’t know what to expect meeting up with these guys, but I had been feeling the pull to be there and I went with my gut. I think part of the reason I personally needed to be there was because I had been following the energetics of all that has been happening with “The One People” since January 2013 online and perhaps needed a 3D affirmation that these people were real. Of course I knew they were real people, but its one thing to hear a personality on a show speaking of all the wonderful things we hear and another to meet face to face and feel the energy and intent for yourself.

Bob reiterated stories of his experience in Morocco, which was lovely, and Bobby gave us some insight on his journey as well as some great advice on parenting in a materialistic world. Angel being the big ball of sunshine he is, was just happy that he had embarked on this journey with the love and support of his wife. It takes courage, love and the ability to embrace life absent limits to get out there and shine and so I am proud to call you my brother, Angel Lucci!

I left there that day knowing that indeed there are people out there who are as truly passionate as me about seeing this world evolve and that indeed pulling together is the only way.

Much love to Angel, Bob and Bobby for sharing that space with me (and my hubby) and recharging my heart.

One of the People

Eneida Vega

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