John Ward – The Paedofile : Tertiary Ethical Dementia In The Conservative Paryy As Focus Of Child Abuse To Be Privatised – 19 July 2013

John WardQuestion for the Coalition: when exactly did privatisation ever reduce the level of moral hazard?

Infecting the lifeblood of the Nation having thus far sailed silently through the UK media pack, we’re onto the next stop on the Ghost Train line to Hell: this same government in denial about a minority global species paedophile problem is planning to allow outsourcing firms to bid for contracts to manage social services for vulnerable children in England – while dropping laws allowing the removal of companies that fail to do the job properly.

Waydergo. This is Dan Hannan’s infantile “Regulation failed to detect psychos so let’s stop all regulation” shtick made mad: “Even well-meaning State services attract preying perverts via the back door….so let’s leave the front door open”.

A number of firms have expressed an interest in proposals that would allow them to bid for contracts managing foster care and providing other services for children in care homes. These include such companies as, niceshoes&, kids4us.orgasm – and not forgetting or (Note to A McAlpswine: I made those names up, call off your rottweilers you nasty turd.)

Labour’s Lisa Nandy, the shadow children’s minister, quite correctly points out the bleeding obvious: that the plans would take away legal provisions allowing councils to remove a firm that has failed to meet national minimum standards. Does this also mean Michael Gove will guarantee to exonerate any employee of these bidders caught trafficking kids in Prague or Amsterdam?

And lest you thought this was turning into a standard ‘Leftie’ rant, wouldn’t it be good to know why Auntie Harriet promised much but delivered f**k all Secret Family Courts reform while she was Women’s Minister…ditto parachuted-MP-Minister BrownNose Ed Balls while Families Secretary?

For once, here we have a Shadow Minister telling the truth rather than being a Drama Queen: Nandy said the latest plans would leave some of Britain’s most vulnerable children at the mercy of an unregulated private sector. She has written to the regulatory reform committee, which is considering a draft legislative reform order, urging it to reject the government’s plans. I wish her luck.

To those early few joining the Unaligned Front for Decency (UFD), I am forced to report that this is yet another reason why we need a member-get-member scheme.


May I briefly express my thanks to European Sloggers from five EU member States who continue to offer me evidence of Eurozone intelligence agency complicity in the covert encouragement of paedophile bordellos for blackmail purposes? That practice is lower than an anorexic limbo-dancer in the ethical hierarchy; it does of course exist here in areas of Soho – for example in Dean Street luvvie clubs frequented by Culture Ministers – but fear of prosecution forbids me from further comment re this one.

Ah, the bitter-sweet stink of moral decay of a hot Friday afternoon. / link to original article


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