Lucas – Money For Nothing?! – The New 100 Dollar Bill Hype – 19 July 2013

There is a hype around the new dollar Bill that was already in the news by Bix Weir’s www. Look at the date 15 March 2012 the video got posted and read his articles.  Are we still hoping for something like this to happen or do we know for 100% certain. There are some documents suggesting the new treasury bill will be issued around October 2013 but for me things have changed that much from 2012 till now that I have my doubts about the way people still  think, predict or write about ” it” to happen.  Even if documents say so, yes.

So, I will leave you to read the article via the original  post link.  If the scenario happens it should mean also there is still a corporate USA or was that abolished  with the return to “any old(er)”constitution or US treasury bills. The constitution is how it got started by those wanting the State to become something it was not intended to be,  remember.  Are we getting an old new system: better said the old car painted over and sold again as a brand new car….. !?  Think before you just get blinded by a non FED issued dollar bill as that may be just a trap. We need to look at new ways to be a group of individuals all in their own right divine and fee to be living together in harmony.

Control over is not the way anymore or do you still need to be governed or controlled?   Also  preferred is exchange via  our own energy  as that is who and what  we are “energy”.  We are the gold and silver. We are the value.  It is not that expression of value you think is value, that bill or coin or currency or whatever paper or expression that can be corrupted and controlled again on or off planet.   Also be ware of the hidden agendas of those trying to sell you the old new system.  If  power and control are still key and greed and self-interest is the reason behind something new you should be weary.  So read between the lines and see the bigger picture and discern and inform yourselves. Love Lucas Here is the Bix Weir spoken video: Hidden Meaning in the New $100 Bill (by Bix Weir)

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Here is the original  article of Scott Mowry and keep in mind what I, Lucas,  said above : Concluding listen to :  Dire Straits –  Money For Nothing – live on  link love that music.

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