Sophia Love – Ohana – 19 July 2013

sophia-love-logoAs our concept of family changes, questions are initiated.  Does a new soul family negate the importance of the one we’ve always known?  What will happen to the relations we share right now, our parents, spouses, children and numerous extended family members?  Many of us relate to the feeling of isolation and lack of understanding in our light/life’s work.  Does this soul family “calling of the clan” mean it’s time to move on?  To leave those we love?
Yes and no.  Yes, it is time for movement.  No, leaving anyone you love is not necessary or preferable.  This is the age of unification.  It does not mean we are all here for the same reason, with the same ideas or belief systems.  It does not mean our families will be left behind while we soar upwards and onwards towards the light. We are each evolving, growing, and moving further along in a beautiful process of synchronization.  Seen from a few steps back, this is like a practice session for synchronized swimming.
It takes all sorts of abilities, movements and paths to create what seems to move as one and in the same direction.  Some of us are maintaining the center, treading water; the pivot point from which the rest of the swimmers extend.  Others of us use powerful strokes to span huge distances, stretching limits.  Many of us adjust and maneuver in varying tempos and rhythms to shift the terrain. Every one of us is creating this show and necessary for it to succeed.
There have been no mistakes.  You and your current relationships mutually chose each other with purpose.  Those we spend the first part of our lives with are our clearest mirrors and our deepest loves; despite what you may believe.  Disagreement does not indicate distance.  It is a component of the process of self-awareness.
A natural part of this journey is movement away and we all seek it in our twenties.  This new direction may be showing up in your life at a time a bit further on down the path (than your twenties).  The difference now is it does not have to mean a physical move, as in, out of the house.  It is a motion towards something, not away from anyone.
Thus begins our expansion.  Love is by no means singular or exclusive.  Loving 100+ members of your soul clan that may or not include your current family is not divisive or wrong.  It is part of the shift we are here for – no one get’s left behind.
As you awaken, you’ll see how you can, by agreement, be in an exclusive intimate relationship that you call love, at the same time understanding that love is not exclusive.  Love is anything but.
Society’s imprint of right and wrong, good and bad, moral or amoral runs deep in our psyche.  Operate at what feels comfortable if that’s where you are.  Yet know that growth is uncomfortable and today it’s vital we examine all ideas about love, relationships, sex and family.  We are stepping out of generations of programming and everything we believe we “know” is suspect.
So, we may continue to live with our children, spend holidays with our families of origin while we create sustainable communities with our soul families.  No one gets left behind.
Last week, the “Calling of the Clan” brought together many of us.  That call is still being answered today.  In an effort to provide an easily accessible space where we can find each other, a “soul family” forum was created.  Here you will find discussion topics, ideas for projects and introductions.  Join us!
The world is changing because we are changing it.  The experiment has been called off.  In a very real way it is up to us now.  We are creating this next version of humanity with every breath; as we dream and move and love and BE and DO.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

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