BrianKelly’sBlog – Amazing Interview – The Sound Of Freedom With Gwen Caldwell & Miles – Flash Mob – 20 July 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogAMAZING INTERVIEW — The Sound of Freedom w/Gwen Caldwell & Miles — FLASH MOB
July 19, 2013
This is one of the most informative interviews I have heard to date, as far as knowing your rights are concerned. Miles is a close personal friend and contact of Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. He is getting ready to face his 41st hearing in two years. Every time he goes up against the court it’s the same story, they refuse to answer his questions, which puts the court in default. Basically, Miles is the court’s worst nightmare. 
As I’ve said in previous posts, knowing our rights, is of paramount importance at this juncture in human history. When we don’t, we can be guaranteed that the system will use our ignorance against us in every way possible. When we remember our rights our ours to give away, we have the power whether we consent to forfeit them, or not. I’ve included an excerpt from the interview below on how to handle an officer if you get pulled over for a traffic ticket, as a taste of the kind of juicy data shared by Miles.
Miles needs all the support he can possibly get as he faces the system next week for the 41st time in two years. It’s time for another FLASH MOB!
The dis-Honorable District Judge: Michael A. Simon
Courtroom Deputy: Mary Ostad
Court Reporter: Dennis Obadaka
This is what to say when they answer:
I understand the prosecution, the DOJ, is in default and will not answer any discoverable questions, under penalty of perjury for case 3.11-cr-00378-si. I understand he has reserved and asserted his unalienable rights, without prejudice and the court appears to continue moving forward. I and hundreds of others have been alerted and are contacting the judicial oversight committee, BAR association, Oregon Congress and State representatives and YOUR insurance carrier. What principal of law are you using to proceed? 
Example of  what you can say when you get pulled over (NOTE: this is not a suggestion merely an example of what others have said to protect themselves from being taken advantage of by alleged officers of the state. This blog nor this writer are not responsible for the outcome, or repercussions which may ensue as a result): 
Officer: License and registration please…
You: I reserve all my rights without prejudice. Am I being detained?
Officer: You have to answer my questions, its mandatory!
You: I can’t answer any of your questions. It would violate the religious dictates of my conscience. 1st Amendment; congress cannot pass anything that abrogates my religious right. 
There is no such thing as mandatory, I’ve reserved all my rights. (Don’t give them any of your information. It’s all evidence that you are the corporation.) (If they try to force you to sign it, just make sure to sign without prejudice above your signature.)
Officer: You have to do what I say!
You: I reserve all my rights without prejudice. I assert the 5th amendment, I don’t want to testify against myself. Am I being detained? Am I free to go?

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