Lucas – Prism – A Shame – Your Country Does Probably The Same With An Other Name – 20 July 2013

spyDutch parliamentarian Van Raak asked questions about the listening in on internet traffic by the Dutch Intelligence Service AIVD and Military Intelligence Service MIVD.  They deny listening into the AMS-IX (Amsterdam Information Exchange) which is a non-profit company.  This exchange is the most important Dutch internet exchange point and the second largest in the world. Most of the Dutch data is handled here and lots of foreign countries data is also going through this  exchange point.  The two intelligence services are working together now in a projects called  Argo II and Symbolon. They are building a conjoint  cyber unit that is called Sigint.

Via a secret tender the companies Nice Systems and the American Accenture got the deal to implement via Dutch subsidiaries a system for Sigint said to be paid for by the Defence Ministry at €17 million. Also was questioned the close bond of the companies to the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.  Datamining is said not to happen. Also denied is unlawful tapping or listening in on data.

In a  roundtable conversation on the topic with the AMS-IX, they assured there was no listening in on the data of the exchange. Only the authorities can do their legal tapping via ISP and Telecom providers with the restriction the law provides.  Strange the Dutch are champion in  tapping. Today new information published said the internet tapping was up 5 fold last year 2012.  Strange that still the police has a backdoor into AMS-IX. The AMS-IX says the police has a  small capacity and that is only to receive info. In my view things are clear the denial of usage of the  exchange points for internet listening in, tapping in or spying does not add up to all the data that has already found its way in mainstream and alternative news.  We are made to belief things are safeguarded with honouring our rights, etc.  There is already with the biggest Internet Exchange point in Germany DE- CIX found the possibility to tap in on the data. Germany’s Heise Security Company already published an article on that.  The article describes how  German authorities data tapped from the exchange. Would that be different in the Dutch AMS-IX exchange case. I doubt it. It is just done also but not lawful is my view.

The information above gives an insight in probably also internet listening in on a grander scale done than the information given by the  governments. If we go back to Prism, the NSA scandal, the French Intelligence Service that got also caught doing more in listening in on the world and not only their own subjects you see patterns beginning to emerge.  Spying on citizens and subjects, is als becoming spying on any subject of any nations inside or outside the  country.  Unrestricted secret listening in, spying on and tapping in on data is bigger than you ever thought.  We need to just see there is so much more to this than meets the eye. Just know that your “trusted” “State or Government” might not have the best of interest in mind. You might be opening your eyes to the police and surveillance state that Orwell in his book 1984 described. It is no fiction as it is true already.



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  1. You said it, Lucas. Great article. 🙂

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