Zany Mystic – A Firechat On BBS Radio – Veronica Lee Return! – 20 July 2013

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Transformational Visionary…
We had so much fun last week, that Veronica is returning
to do a Live Reading on me, then we will open the rest of the show for a few short Live Readings!   You can call in,
when we announce it, here:

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Veronica Lee is a highly gifted Intuitive, Mentor, Inspirational Speaker and Writer.

Veronica’s purpose is to bring forth Love Consciousness to individuals and the collective at this time of great global awakening. Whether working with individuals in Private Readings or Mentoring, facilitating Spiritual Seminars and Classes for groups, or sharing insights with her provocative Articles, Videos, Audios and Inspirational Talks, Veronica offers affirmation, clarity and direction with her perceptive words and compassionate heart. She honors both the human and spiritual aspects of life and brings valuable experiences from each of these realms, bringing authenticity and wisdom to all of her Sacred Offerings. / link to original article

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