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I thought I would combine the full moon reminder with a post today. Reading the Power Path Report, one can’t help but feel the importance of this full moon and our participation in using our intentions to better the world.

I hope over the last couple of years we have come to understand our own power and the power of thought and intention. I see we are accomplishing what we set out to do and it is showing everyday in what is taking place in the world. The dark ones may be trying their hardest to incite race riots and mayhem but the people are not falling for it. They are moving beyond these petty ways of thinking and we are expanding ourselves to incorporate opening of hearts and minds. We are doing it and we need to continue to do it. Let us use this full moon to get right with our own lives and help each other fulfill our intentions to create more peace with those around us. It is time we begin to see the world as a whole unit and work towards the good of the whole and leave behind our divisions and selfish desires. WE must see and sense what the whole planet needs and then we help to create that!

It is time to figure out the ways in which we can help make the world a better place. It is up to each and every one of us to make the effort to improve our lives and in doing so improve the lives of others as well. Focus on what you want to do with your life that will be a benefit to all. That is what it is all about now. For the good of all! That is where we must be turning our attentions and placing our efforts. We have spent several years now turning inward to find ourselves, now it is time to turn back outward and ask what we can do for others. I watched the news of Detroit trying to declare bankruptcy and I thought to myself ” Where are we?” Why is the rest of this country not coming to its aid? Are we willing to turn our heads and backs and not help to keep our country intact and whole? Are we willing to just let a part of us sink into nothingness?

We have turned our backs on Detroit forever now and again I ask why? Do we really see it as not our problem because we don’t live there? This is that same old divisive thinking creeping back in that needs to be corrected. We should all be chipping in to save Detroit in any way we can. Imagine five or ten dollars from everyone and two million people give or three million people stepped up to help out. That is a lot of money. Not near enough to save Detroit, but its a start and it helps us grow as well. Detroit is the way it is because nobody cared about it because we didn’t live there therefore we didn’t have to deal with it. This kind of thinking must stop! Our own towns could be the next Detroit over time, you never know. To be a whole and evolving planet EVERY town must be considered as part of each of us, it must be tended and cared for and loved just the same because we are all one.

If we want our country to be great and strong and a place we can be proud of we must see it as a whole, not just state by state! I wish someone on Twitter or FB ( I’m not on social media) would start a movement to help save Detroit! Think how we would feel if we accomplished that. The dark would love to see it fall, along with the rest of this fine country. Are we going to let that happen or fight back and say no way? Help Detroit reclaim itself and rebuild itself back up. Repair the broken infrastructure and rebuild the cities so they can flourish once again. Drive out the scum that hides in the shadows and instills the chaos and murder. Give Detroit new life and strengthen our country to be whole and proud! Give this and other issues deep thought today as we encounter this full moon that asks us to reach outside ourselves and create peace.

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