John Ward – Unaligned Front For Decency : An Update And A Plea – 23 July 2013

John WardThe Unaligned Front for Decency (UFD) is being thought about by legal persons in England, but at the moment it’s looking like it should become a Mutualised Unincorporated Association with members rather than shareholders. It seems the problem with being a charity is that, allegedly, you can’t lobby for changes to the Law….which strikes me as odd, but predictable – probably because of the tax status of such charities.

Either way, the UFD can be formed fairly swiftly because none of us want to use it to avoid tax, and it’s really like your common or garden Golf Club. Except that Golf Clubs don’t change the world, whereas the UFD just might. Listen – if you don’t aim for the stars, you’ll always be in a ditch.

This is the plea part: first, are there any decent lawyers out there following The Slog who would donate the job of forming this club for all of us free? I estimate that currently there are about 200 people (they range from unemployed under 25s to dentists and MPs) who have expressed an interest in joining.

And second, are there any online-savvy art directors who could do the same to develop a logo?

Stay tuned: I will keep you updated. link to original article


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