Salvador Russo – Horoscoop For 29th July – Star Of David – 24 July 2013

Here is the horoscope of the alleged “Star of David” configuration of July 29th, 2013. If it were genuine there would not be so many violations of tolerance between the sextiles of the planets.For example, here are the sextiles which are out of lawful tolerance: Pluto to Saturn, Saturn to Venus, and Pluto to Neptune. Furthermore, the Moon, which is required to make sextile between Jupiter and Neptune, simply cannot form and hold them honestly. When the Taurus Moon makes sextile to Jupiter, she is out of tolerance to Neptune and vice versa.

Perhaps people are projecting their will into the cosmos to see something they wish to see for whatever purpose they may have. The problem with the speculation here is that it does not exist within the laws and science of astrology.My intention here is to simply make the truth known.


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