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Don’t we all dream of finally feeling freedom beneath our feet just as these little guys who are scurrying to their freedom. What a glorious day that will be, so overwhelming in its magnitude, so joyous and exhilarating. It will be a feeling unlike anything we have ever felt before, unlike anything the world has felt before. We must keep this vision firmly in our minds and picture it often, try to imagine that day in every way possible. In order for us to will it into being we must first deeply desire it, then we envision it, see ourselves as it happens, what we will feel like if we can even imagine that. Manifesting our desires requires all of that, our intent from every fiber of our being. Think upon it often in the finest detail, dream about it, and then and only then can it be ours. Far too many people are concentrating on the evil the dark ones are inflicting when instead we should be putting all of that energy into creating the manifestation of our freedom. It will not just happen one day out of the blue. It requires OUR participation and devotion to the cause. It is time we make this the most important cause we have ever fought for. Our survival and our happiness and our freedom.

There is far too much going on in the world right now by design, to distract us from this very thing. They are doing a good job of it unfortunately. Having had just about everything we ever wanted living here in this country we have grown apathetic which in turn has allowed us to fade away from reality and not understand the supreme importance of this moment in time. We are in the final stages of making history but just how many people really understand this significance? This is what being a light bearer is all about. We must carry the torch and work twice as hard for all those lost in their fantasy worlds. We signed on for this job and it is up to us to make this happen. The whole universe is counting on us to shift the paradigm to one of love and peace.

The time has come for us to get serious about our mission here. The pace of evil is picking up as the dark ones get squeezed into the corner. When one realizes their life is in danger they tend to do just about anything to save themselves. The dark ones are sure trying to hold on to their control and survive, but are we? Not nearly hard enough I believe. We saw what apathy did for the Jews who ended up in concentration camps then dying horrific deaths. Did we learn from that or are we just skating along on thin ice oblivious to the cracking sound beneath our skates? What is the point of lessons if we don’t learn from them? We are on this journey to pay attention, to learn and finally grow and evolve into a humanity that is loving and compassionate and kind.

Freedom will come at a cost. It has already cost us in many ways. Nothing of true value comes easily it seems. I would like to think we have advanced enough to realize we must fight hard to win our freedom and not fritter away our precious lives on nonsense. I see a great deal of that happening and it worries me. Our time is now! We almost turned the tide back in the 60′s but it was not time yet, we were still too deeply in slumber. Now that we are awakening we must activate lest we might wait yet another forty or fifty years if we are lucky to get another chance. Why risk it? We are so close we can smell freedom now. It is time to push on full steam ahead as well as push back the darkness with all of our strength, with everything we’ve got. It’s now or never as I see it. Let’s get busy!

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