Wes Annac – Astral Travels: Blessing Hate – 25 July 2013

wes-annac-300x229This week, we’re going to address and bless hate in some of the many forms it comes about. Among the news stories detailing the fall of the cabals and exposing everything that’s been hidden from us, we continue to hear about tragic and awful things happening on this world every day, and it’s fair to say that most of them are driven from hate.

It’s been said that the lower-inclined forces at work attempting to sustain the illusion and flaunt darkness, use hate and everything that’s bred from it to keep the collective energies low.

We’re taught to hate each other because of differences in our appearance and beliefs, but it’s time for humanity to see that what’s inside is truly what counts. We’re all of the same race, but we’re kept apart and hateful of one another in a world driven by an every-man-for-himself mindset.

We don’t see the oneness that drives our existence and that of the Universe around us, and our society plays upon hate and seems to attempt to breed it in the collective. In the physical sense, we can proclaim our collective sovereignty from purposely-manifested hate by seeking not to feed it ourselves, and by arising and informing every person of the importance of laying down their previously fed hateful mindsets.

In the spiritual sense, we can work to bless the very energy of hate and the attitudes toward one another it feeds, in an effort to help those who’d otherwise feed into it on a regular basis, be aided in their personal subconscious and ongoing mission to purge themselves of hate and of the misery it likely causes them.

We’re going to bless the energy of hate as we’ll perceive of it, and we’re going to bless a couple of different representations of people on this world who feed into and accept hate on an ongoing basis. We’re not going to visualize ourselves in any specific location for this week’s exercise, and rather, we’re going to visualize specific things as we work to give our blessing energies.

To begin for this week, we’re going to changeup how we normally do things and get into a deep place of meditative bliss. You’re encouraged to take a few deep meditative breaths, or use whatever process works for you to get into a good meditation and feel the good vibrations as they swirl around you and permeate you in their metaphysical wonderment.

Personally, I prefer to do a small exercise of sorts (jogging or jogging in place works for me) and then sit down, take a few deep breaths and attune to the good vibrations. It works pretty well for me, as I’m able to feel the glittered and colored streams of Light and energy swirling all around, pretty quickly.

When you get into a deep enough meditation, I’d like for you to visualize yourselves existing in a large sphere of transparent, violet-yellow colored energy.

Just as we’ve contributed our individual blessings to a collective “cloud” of energy during previous exercises, I’d like for you to visualize a dome or sphere-like cloud of energy that you can not only exist in, but absorb the energies from and funnel them through yourself.

You can exist in this energy while subsequently absorbing the infinite and constantly-replenished pure vibrations it’s offering you, and you can see this as a small facet of the personal troth of Lighted energy we each hold within. You now have a visualization method to access this small section of your overall-large and accessible Light quotient, but it’s always been available for you to eventually find a means to tap-in to.

You’re now able to, and you’re encouraged to continue feeling this large cloud of violet-yellow energy; getting to know it a bit better and sharpening your focus of it. Acclimate yourself with it – familiarize yourself and see this cloud as an inextinguishable facet of your ultimate Being. This pure energy is a part of you, and will offer you constant spiritual replenishment and nourishment, if only you request for it to be so.

As we acclimate ourselves with our quaint little energy-houses, we’re going to use them to bless a couple of different representations of hateful and separation-based energy being expressed on this world.

Continue to feel your infallible cloud of pure energy, and as you do, visualize a group of deeply-rooted and misguided religious people protesting at what seems to be a funeral, with signs boasting hateful and separation-based slogans and ideals.

Specifically, the signs and the protesters are spouting hateful things about people who’ve been born gay and chose to serve in the American military. I could give another separate writing detailing my opinion of the various wars of our past and present and their true purposes, but for this visualization, we’ll focus on this aspect of military service.

These misguided religious souls believe that to be gay is a choice and an abomination, and are proud to write and shout hateful things regarding gays, in the name of their own self-righteousness and belief that they’re performing the work of a god they’ve been taught to believe is all-Loving (which, I do understand, is a complete contradiction).

Under the surface, while few others realize it, these people also serve a separate purpose from what they seem to serve. An aspect of their effort and the reason for the overblown hate accompanying their presence, is their own want to “stir up the pot” and make people angry at them for the hate they choose to express.

Perhaps some of them don’t even realize it, but in performing what they think to be god’s work, they’re actually aiding the devil exponentially. They’re keeping hate and separation fed on a deep, deep level, as even most of them know that the reactions they’ll receive for what they’re doing will be strong and severe.

Their religious ideals and their institution will be given the spotlight, and duality and “us vs. them” mindsets will continue to be in play, even in those enlightened enough to respect and stand up for the rights of gays and lesbians.

Feel the sorrow and the sheer pain felt in the family members of the fallen solider, whose funeral, of all things, is being protested by this group of zealots. Feel the wish that these hateful, monstrous-seeming people would just go away and let them mourn in peace, and without dropping your vibrations as I nearly did when visualizing it, empathize on a detached level with this unfortunate situation.

Visualize now, a completely new scene with a similar dualistic theme. A courtroom is filled to the brim with people and cameras, as a widely-publicized murder case is being tried concerning two people of different races. The mainstream media has buzzed about this particular case since it began, and the country it’s in has been divided as a result of the trial.

Separation has been used and played-upon regarding this trial, and employees of one of many major news networks covering it were even fired for doctoring evidence in the case to play-upon the issue of race much more. Other newsworthy issues of incredible importance have been etched-out in favor of this trial, and regardless of the verdict, the dualistic separation is sure to fly high in the public dividing themselves because of it.

I have us visualize this trial not to focus on the victim or the defendant, but to focus on what the trial does to the country of people the death occurred in. Issues of race are continually brought to the forefront of the people’s attention, in a particularly developed country that’s boasted as being a peaceful place for people of all races.

The people of the country are kept separated and divided, and both dualistic sides express themselves very strongly, with the whole country seeming to stand on one side of the line. Rather than uniting and coming together to stop such tragedies in the face of an unfortunate death, they choose to hurt and prosecute as they find themselves arguing nonstop over the trial and over the broader issue it represents.

Visualize the very energy that comes off of these people when they choose to bicker and feed separation. Feel the dense, heavy, twisted-up and argumentative energy that flies off of them and goes all around when they choose to feed it.

Feel and attempt to understand this separation and hate-based energy, without feeling it too much or letting it bring you down. Get a good grasp of this energy; identify it as we gear-up to bless it and the people on our world who feed it.

When you get a good grasp of this energy in your mind and heart, we’re going to visualize the entire courtroom of people we’ve just seen, as well as the protesters and the family of the fallen solider, uplifted by this energy. We’re going to literally visualize these people being lifted-up by the purer energy we can draw on, and we can visualize their two respective scenes at once because we’re not limited perception-wise; in these realms or in our own visualization abilities.

Visualize both of these groups being given energy from the pure reservoir we’re able to access within, and visualize the effects our energy has on them. Affirm that Source be with them and the real people they’re representing, and affirm that the purest of your personal blessing energies be given to them from within your energy-cloud.

What happens to these people after they’re given our blessing energies? I could detail the visual I’m given of their response to these energies, which are typical to what you might expect (the protesters sorrowfully morning the soldier and the people coming together in the face of a tragic death) but I’ll leave the specifics of the results of our blessing, up to you.

In future weeks, we’ll continue to bless specific facets of the lower energies manifested and fed on the Earth, and astral exercises will continue to pour out each week as the inspiration for them, given from the world around me, continues to drive me to give them.

For now, you’re encouraged to play around in the pure troth or reservoir of energy you’ve learned to re-access, and you’re also encouraged to know that what you’re accessing is one small facet of the overall grand Light signature you possess. You’re very powerful human and spiritual beings, and one of my aims is to make your own spiritual power and ability apparent to you all.

Continue to practice honing your ability if you’d like, because when doing so, you’re helping the planet (and yourselves) to ascend.

This concludes this week’s astral travels.

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