BrianKelly’sBlog – Update W/Documents : Courtesy Notice Success Story – $ 999.692.21 Forgiven By Chase Bank – 26 July 2013

brian-kelly27s-blogCourtesy Notice Success Story — $99,692.21 Forgiven by Chase Bank

July 25, 2013

Documents to back up this story forthcoming and being sent over as I post this. I will upload it to Scrib’d and share it here for everyone to see.

There has been much resistance and criticism of the Courtesy Notice process in recent weeks/months. It has worked wonders with some and failed miserably for others. Fact of the matter is it all lies in the hands of the of the receiving party. Each bank/corporation has many representatives, showing clearly they handle these types of matters with varying degrees of ease/resistance. What it boils down to is this: if a bank (Chase in this particular example) agrees to retract a loan in the amount of $99,692.21, what that clearly implies is their legal team conducted, what was likely an obscene amount of due diligence, to determine the legitimacy of the claim made, referencing the UCC filings and the banks legal foreclosed status. Researched…confirmed…”alleged debt” retracted. Verification of legitimacy of UCC filings by One People’s Public Trust…confirmed. End of story. This is just the beginning. ~BK

Multiple versions of the Courtesy Notice can be found here:

Jane Evershed
BIG NEWS!!!! From Shirley Muhammad CVAC 101

So, as a success story I would like to report that as of today after sending to the Vice President of the alleged Chase Bank ( who just happen to send me a letter in May with his name and signature on it to sell my home in foreclosure) was a Determination of Funding Letter, 1 Courtesy Notice and 2 invoices totaling 9,000 pieces of 99.9 silver, I received today a letter from the alleged Chase Bank that the lien on my mortgage has been released and discharges the original contract, whereas I am now responsible for the property tax and insurances, and can do what I dam well please with what I want to do with it.

This was a wonderful and fun exercise in which in my heart was the right thing to do to show others that what was being done to all of us was wrong. I needed to take a stand here in Detroit as I watched neighborhoods and communities being torn apart and become inhumane as people were being forced out of their homes, their furnishing thrown in the street and in dumpsters, causing some beautiful homes to be victims of vandalization, with property values dropping like flies, and mortgage payments going through the roof with LIBOR the ARM’s deal The home’s stood empty and all the love was torn from the structures.

What could I do?

With the tools that were given to us by the OPPT crew II used them all, Courtesy Notices, The Determination of Funding letter, the invoices, the court templates etc, I edited them and used them sending all the love and light I could to float above and through each word, with good intent to bring awareness to every person whose eyes read it, and whose heart it may touch.

I am now going to open a Dream Weavers Center to help and show as many people who have eyes to see and ears to hear where their value is, as we are the value and always have been, but it was never taught but was hidden so very well.

Many of the people of family and friends who thought I had lost my mind, want to now join in to see what is going on with formerly OPPT now I/UV to Opt out of the old slavery system and it is done. I say come one come all we are in for another ride but this time there will be more of us. We are Eternal Essence Embodied absent limits !!!!!

Update July 26, 2013:

Below is a clearer copy of the document Shirley sent to me from Chase Bank, as well as the message from her email:

Brian, these are closer shots you should be able to see that they initiate this letter with “We are releasing the mortgage lien on the property” , they go on and start the first paragraph with “We are writing to let you know that, at the instruction of your loan investor, we are releasing the lien on the mortgage loan referenced above”. In order for a lien on a mortgage loan to be released the loan has to be paid off or assumed.  Although they define that I am still responsible for the debt on my mortgage, I can now explore my options to sell or refinance If I choose.  There is a notation that states Please note: You have the right to occupy the property until you sell the home or the title is transferred, I do not plan to sell or transfer the title. It is my understanding that a debt and loan are two different terms, although people use them together. My goal was to be relieved of the alleged loan, and I will now use the process for the fraudulent property taxes.
chase bank
As a former California Real Estate  & Mortgage Broker for five years, I have never seen a case where the lien on the mortgage was released, but the client is “still responsible for the (alleged) debt on the mortgage.” I’m not sure how that’s even possible considering, as Shirley mentioned above, in order for a lien on a mortgage loan to be released the loan has to be paid off or assumed. I did a bit of digging online and came across a website and this is the message from their home page:

Reclaim your home while shedding the responsibilities of a vacant house after Foreclosure through our Release Mortgage Lien (RML) option. Once panic and turmoil of a possible Foreclosure takes hold, it may seem that there are no options available, but in some cases, the lender decides to release the mortgage lien. This means that your mortgage debt is waived, so you can stay in your home, move back into your home, sell the property, or donate the house to a nonprofit organization. This option is available free of cost through UpLifting Lives to stabilize our communities.
I also found this article on

How to Release a Mortgage Lien:

Lenders secure mortgages by placing liens on financed properties. The liens remains in place until the borrower pays off the loan. The lender must file a document called the “satisfaction of lien” with the local county to remove a lien. State laws vary about the time frame lenders have in which to remove liens.


  1. Pay off the remaining balance on your mortgage. You must call your lender to get an exact payoff amount with a per diem because interest compounds daily. You cannot rely on a payoff figure you received a few days or a few weeks ago. Lenders do not remove liens until the exact amount of the outstanding loan has been paid off.
  2. Contact your lender a few days after you make your payoff. It often takes a day or two for payments to reach the loan center even if you make an in-person payment at local branch of a major bank. Verify the mortgage has a zero balance and if necessary make arrangements to payoff any residual amount still listed as a balance. Assuming the loan shows a zero balance, ask the customer service representative how long it normally takes to remove a lien. Lenders have to send a lien satisfaction to the local county courthouse to remove the lien. This process normally takes a few weeks but the customer service representative should give you an estimate on how long the process typically takes in your area.
  3. Contact the clerk of court records in your county and check whether the lender filed a satisfaction of lien within the timeframe suggested by the service representative. If not, ask the clerk how long it takes the county to record documents once received. Some counties take a few weeks to process paperwork. Check back with the county until the satisfaction of lien appears in the county records.

In both examples it clearly shows “the lien remains in place until the borrower pays off the loan,” and “lenders do not remove liens until the exact amount of the outstanding loan has been paid off.” How is it possible to have debt on a property with no lien attaching said debt to the property? A lien is the instrument that attaches/secures the “debt” to the property. The definition of lien is: a right to keep property belonging to another person until a debt is paid. It says very clearly, “until a debt is paid.

So, let’s look at the definition of debt: An amount of money borrowed by one party from another. Many corporations/individuals use debt as a method for making large purchases that they could not afford under normal circumstances. A debt arrangement gives the borrowing party permission to borrow money under the condition that it is to be paid back at a later date, usually with interest.
Considering now that debt is “the amount of money borrowed,” here is the definition of money: An officially-issued legal tender generally consisting of currency and coin. Money is the circulating medium of exchange as defined by a government. Money is often synonymous with cash, including negotiable instruments such as checks.
When Shirley originally secured her loan did Chase Bank extend to her any currency or coin? No, they did not. Did they write her a check backed by “money” in a bank? Again, no they did not.
“The economics of banking is counterfeiting. We have been deceived into thinking that we were lent other depositor’s deposited funds. Bankers cause us to think that if we do not pay back those funds, the bank and its depositors will be out the cash (money). Remember, all you borrowed was monetized credit, which your signature created — you yourself lent the funds.” ` Mary Elizabeth Croft
Clearly, there was NEVER any money loaned to Shirley. Therefore, the alleged “debt” they claim she owes is in fact fictitious. This is precisely why, after review by Chase’s legal department, they agreed to release the lien on the mortgage. Now, as far as the “alleged” debt goes, my guess is Chase knew what kind of PR nightmare they would have on their hands if they showed the entire debt obligation to be waived/retracted/forgiven. If confronted by other customers, the press, a Flash Mob of callers/protesters, they could easily claim the “debt” is still owed. Answering to why they released the lien on the mortgage is a whole other story and one they will most assuredly have to answer to once this story gets out.
In conclusion, as a follow up to my original post, I will gladly admit the word “forgiven” was not accurate. This article can now be titled “Courtesy Notice Success Story — $99,692.21 Mortgage Lien Released by Chase”. Critics will say, “well she still owes the debt,” so what’s the big deal? I think Shirley will agree with me that in fact, this is a HUGE victory. She now gets to stay living in her home and she no longer needs to pay the mortgage, indefinitely. On top of that, considering property taxes are voluntary (if you don’t yet know this read this article) all she’s left having to pay is the homeowner’s insurance, which is a nominal fee compared to mortgage and tax payment.
Here is another reason why this is a big victory; what if everyone in the U.S. could lawfully and legitimately relieve themselves from the burden of a monthly mortgage payment? What would that do to the system? What would it do for all the millions of homeowners across the U.S. who are currently facing foreclosure? Behind on monthly payments? Struggling to make ends meet to get by? Do you think they would care if the bank claimed they “allegedly” still owed the debt, if it meant no monthly payment indefinitely? Or, at least until they decide to sell the home or refinance? Why on earth would they ever refinance if their payment is $0.00/mo!? This is a monumental victory and I really hope this story goes viral, as it makes for a perfect illustration of how the banks are on their heels and backed deep into a corner. I applaud Shirley and her persistence, for this is a win she will never soon forget. Watch out Chase….”The One People” are coming~! ~BK