Kiri Arrested (Again) At 6pm On 26 July 2013 – 26 July 2013

UPDATED 11:22am EST – Bronny NZ just released on her blog another update with a call for support! (see update below after the initial facebook thread).

Apparently, Kiri was arrested or kidnapped again by the NZ police approximately 8 hours ago 6pm NZ time on July 26th 2013. “taken to the New Plymouth Police Station tonight and is going to court in the morning – on a Saturday of all days.” Very few details to work with at this point. It is definitely strange that they are holding a court hearing on Saturday   This is probably because they do not want to expose the public to Kiri and her transparent way of conducting herself. 

Thank you to Bronny NZ over at for getting this released via facebook group: The One People: Shifting Banking Discussion Group.

Bronny has some clarifications and updates in her post:

Bronny NZ
Kiri Campbell has been taken into police custody around 8 hours ago, at approximately 6pm New Zealand time. I have very few details.

Kiri’s PA – Claire M. was present when Kiri was arrested and has all the information. Please DO NOT contact Claire at this time. Please DO NOT Message either Claire or Myself with your inquiries or comments. We are trying to get more information out as fast as we can. We can not DO this work while you are interrupting us.
We are making crucial contacts and making “call outs” to people in high positions to come to Kiri’s aid. Please make these Contacts on behalf of Claire and myself if you know a Person of Standing. Please refer your Person/s of Influence to this post. Thank you Please can those People of Influence URGENTLY message us.
I think Kiri might have attracted far too much negative attention to herself when she re-posted my personal message to her “A Call to Hikoi” and allowed The One People to believe that it was her own inspired Call.

Kiri did not write that post.

The Ancestors wrote that Post through me… It is THEIR CALL for all to join as One in Hikoi (peace march) – All in good time. It is not through Kiri’s pen that this information flows… And I take no credit either… I am only the messenger. It was a foolish action that Kiri took… One that paints herself as a ring-leader perhaps ??? – which we all know is not true… But by making such a Post in her Own Name and not adding the correct reference as the author, this action may not be serving Kiri very well at this time : (

It is foolish to use other people’s energy and call it your own.
That’s all I can say.
I will be posting soon and asking ALL for assistance please. I’m in the middle of a blog post detailing Police and Court addresses and contacts for You to submit your Courtesy Notices and Foreclosure Fliers on Kiri’s behalf. Please DO these things in the GREATEST URGENCY on behalf of Kiri. She will be standing in the Dock this time (great significance) and not in the Public Gallery as she was during her first appearance. This will be happening in around 7-8 hours from the time you see on this post. God only knows what sort of night she’s having : ( I pray for her Please…. ALL Pray for Kiri

Thank you all,
Bronny NZ

Here is the Post from One People’s Public Trust ~ Elucidated:

Kiri Campbell Arrested a 2nd Time – Urgent Assistance Needed from TOP !!!

This message was sent to me via Kiri Campbell’s Personal Assistant, Claire M:
Kiri Campbell has been taken to the New Plymouth Police Station tonight and is going to court in the morning – on a Saturday of all days. This DOES NOT happen in New Zealand !! : (
She also wants the TOP to please get in contact Heather Tucci-Jarraf.

Note: Bronny NZ has no contact for Heather.

This is why i’m asking for your assistance….

The One People have been asked to URGENTLY send

Foreclosure Fliers and Courtesy Notices to the following:

(1) Hawera Court House, Taranaki, NZ

(2) New Plymouth Court House, Taranaki, NZ

(3) New Plymouth Police Station, Taranaki, NZ

(4) The Registrar for the Taranaki district – Mark Poppelwell

(5) The Deputy-Registrar for the Taranaki district – Yvonne Snowden

Police that were present today are as follows:

Officer in charge – Detective Sergeant Robyn Burnett – Hawera
Constable Justin Clegg – Hawera
Constable Povey – New Plymouth ?? (not sure)

Constable Sherie – New Plymouth ??
Constable Walden – New Plymouth ??
Constable Coulton – New Plymouth ??
Constable Johnston – New Plymouth ??

As well…. We still need to find the Fax numbers and Email addresses.

Can somebody out there help us with this please ??

I basically need to go to bed now, at it’s 3:00am and I worked a 10-hour day today that finished at around 10pm…. And then I walk into this !!!

I am going to bed. I have a Doctor’s appointment at 10am

… and I need to be in reasonably good fitness for this otherwise they’ll try to convince me to take more of their nasty drugs. And I really don’t feel like going into ANOTHER battle today :-/

We desperately need your assistance to find these fax numbers and e-mail addresses.

Please post them wherever you can in Public Places… and in the Comments at the end of this blog post. Or contact Claire Dulaine Muncaster through the members list on:
Claire is going to stay up a little longer.

Thank you so much ❤

Thank you All ~

Bron & Claire xx

For more on OPPT Elucidated go here:

We will update this post with new information as it is received, check back later.

– Justin

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