Lisa Gawlas – The Rise Of The Phoenix Within All Of Us! – 26 July 2013

lisagawlas2There is so much to share and sadly, my butt slept late this morning.  So bear with me as I highlight.  There is still the element of a thick, a very thick bubble of energy around everyone’s inner heart center.  When this energy is left untouched, it radiates amber, however, the moment it is touched or disturbed in any way, it turns into a thick, clear, gel like substance that is laden with multicolored dots inside of it.  By the end of the evening as I was processing to beat the band, I finally realized that what I was seeing with the “disturbed” bubble of energy was exactly the same substance the Guardians laid down on the entire landscape pre-gathering.  I know spirit does things and gives us the bare basics of what it is they are doing… but holy cow batman, this I am finding and FEELING as exciting!!

I could not see anything inside the bubble of energy, instead everyone and everything was just outside of it, in the place I call our created life field.   My first lady on the field yesterday showed up in what is now going to be our new “now” moment.  I say new because it used to be in a place about 2 feet behind her, and now it is in a place I would have called our near future.  She showed up on the West side of the her field and started scooping large amounts of this gel like substance from her bubble and stuffing it down her bra.  The moment her hand touched her inner heart field bubble, the area around it, and the gel in her hand, changed from amber to clear with radiant dots of energy.  I realized she was placing this stuff in her heart center, at the surface and the energy of her heart was breathing it in and exhaling it out as an intense light field that expanded as it went outwards.  Right now she (we all) are in the beginning stages of this (whatever this is) the light from her heart and all the energy dots within the light went out about 3 feet.  One thing was for sure tho, the energy went forward into her present to near future.

My second lady, well she was very different.  She was not on the ground level like the lady above, instead she was at the top level of this bubble (about 7 feet high for everyone) working what looked to me like a crane, scooping out hunks of this gel.  Once again, when nothing was disturbing it, it was amber, the moment the crane connected to it, everything changed.  The gel around the scooper, the crane itself, my lady working the crane, all turned into a clear gel with radiant dots of energy.  What was interesting with her is, I was trying to figure out how she was elevated to the top, only when her crane touched the amber gel did I see an upward flow of energy that elevated and supported her in place, it too had the radiance of the colored dots, but not gel energy at all, instead of stream of air maybe.

What I could not discern for anyone is what on earth are they doing/creating with that stuff.  Spirit was super hush hush on that question.  What I did understand with my two ladies and their differences was one was working directly on her immediate life field energy, my second lady was part of the construction crew assisting others who currently cannot or will not assist themselves.

What was interesting too, as this day of readings went on, and I was trying to figure out why everyone was on the outer life field working, which, to me, seems counter-intuitive… But the work being done on the outer field will allow the inner field to be released with a perfectly matched frequency.  I suppose you can look at it like painting a canvas and putting all the details on all the edges which creates the form and energy of the center.

I had one man who was off in his left field, not near his heart bubble thing, but instead directly in his west field towards the left, digging in the ground.  The feeling was he was looking for something within the earth, that he had not yet discovered and that was very important to his movement forward.  I had another lady hovering between her south field and her west field, above the bubble inner heart field, radiating circles of golden energy from her heart.  Altho the circles were not connected (as in a spiral) they did start out large and became smaller as they connected with her heart bubble thing.  This precious soul had been released from her home, its contents and even her vehicles in the big fire that happened in Colorado a couple of months back.  For me, this felt like she was still charging up the energy of her new life expression and soul experiences.

There was one lady and the only one who appeared in the east garden.  At this moment, there was absolute stillness within her.  What I felt with her was absolute new energy within her world that has yet to arrive in expression.  Unlike all the others who were working from the west field (harvested and stored energy) she was waiting for the new to set it into her inner heart field.  I could not get any more information than that.  Pesky, pesky spirit and their secrets!!

As the day of readings concluded, my friend who is still staying with me went out to where the fire pit is in the backyard and let out a “holy shit” expression.  Here is what the fire pit looked like:

fire pit 2

fire pit

The feathers that you see on the West side of the fire pit are those of a Mourning Dove:


Messenger of Peace, love, joy and gentleness, prophecy of good things, maternity instincts, awakening to promise of future with clarity. Dove shows us how to walk between the physical and spiritual world. She aids in tapping our creative energies and stirring the emotions. It is time for creativity and expressing oneself. Are you listening to the messages at this time? Doves bring hope of a new beginning and will show there is peace arriving. Pigeon shows how to bring peace, love and understanding to situations and teaches us the art of communication and cooperation. Are you compassionate toward others? Perhaps it is a time for forgiveness? It is a time to express appreciation and gratitude of brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and parents for family brings us unconditional sense of belonging. Dove teaches many lessons of home: love, security, fertility and family.  (Taken from

Just to be clear, there was no bird carcass nor the first drop of blood anywhere, only the feathers and the feathers encompassed only the west side of the firepit, the east side ashes from our fire on Saturday.  The rise of the Phoenix.  Our new feathers harness the energy of the mourning dove, as we move into the embers left behind to create the new.

We cannot dismiss the yin yang energy of it all too.  Light and dark, spirit into material world.

As one of the conversations I was having with a precious lady on the field working very much with sacred geometry and a T-Square within her energy, we started to talk about what it means.  A very strong message came thru the both of us at the very same time that went something like this: To fully construct the new in partnership with Soul, we MUST release the labels and identifiers embedded in our memory/language.

It is time to start my day, I will leave you to ponder that last sentence in relationship to the fire pit messages and will go deeper into the importance of that message tomorrow.

With love and excitement to ALL!!


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