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Fran Zepeda – Yeshua and the Company of Heaven: Bask in the Glory of Your Newfound Freedom and Happiness – 27 July 2013

ascensionfloater2Yeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Greetings from all your celestial family!  We come in peace and love to greet your hearts and to beseech you to absorb as much of the energies as you deem capable of absorbing in the next few days. For as you take in the beautiful energies offered to you, you become expanded beings, expanded Light Beings of Christ Consciousness, your essence becoming even more illuminated during this auspicious Lions’ Gate Opening and the emerging Star of David formation. Continue reading

Richard Heinberg – The Brief, Tragic Reign Of Consumerism – And The Birth Of A Happy Alternative – 27 July 2013

common-dreamsYou and I consume; we are consumers. The global economy is set up to enable us to do what we innately want to do—buy, use, discard, and buy some more. If we do our job well, the economy thrives; if for some reason we fail at our task, the economy falters. The model of economic existence just described is reinforced in the business pages of every newspaper, and in the daily reportage of nearly every broadcast and web-based financial news service, and it has a familiar name: consumerism. Continue reading

Marilyn Raffaele – The Arcturian Group – 27 July 2013

marilynraffaeleGreetings once again from the Arcturian group. We come in peace and love to help you- our brothers and sisters, to awaken and understand the questions you hold about why you are here and what living on earth at this time is all about.

Generation after generation, lifetime after lifetime, humans have been programmed into believing that they were no more than living flesh here for a short time to struggle through life, then die and be buried. Many still believe that their only contribution is the children they leave behind, never realizing that they are deathless, birthless, infinite beings– sparks of the Divine on earth to awaken within and in spite of the denseness of duality and separation. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Intention Of The Heart Fulfills All – 27 July 2013

lisagawlas2Sleep has been an interesting thing lately, now that I am getting a full abundance of it.  Yesterday morning as I was waking up, my view was from way above my home, around my home was a clear thick substance (kinda that gel stuff) with a pole or chimney or something at the center that extended up about 5-6 feet.  I watched as my consciousness came down thru that very narrow pole thingie, oozed into my home and then laid into my body.  There was that clear gel like substance everywhere.  Even tho I just watched this happen, as I awoke, I was disoriented and wasn’t sure where I was or who I was.   I tried to go back to sleep, but the more I tried, the more aware of where I was now over took me.  My brains felt like goo, but thank god I was able to read clearly thru the goo!! Continue reading

Kiwis On The March: Thousands Turn Out Against New Spy Powers In New Zealand – 27 July 2013

Picture RT : http://rt.com/files/news/1f/e7/b0/00/new-zealand-protest-bill.si.jpg

Thousands of people have protested across New Zealand against the new surveillance bill that would enable the country’s Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) to spy on its citizens. Continue reading

VIsionkeeper – TV = Mind Control – 27 July 2013

Uploading 9 November 2008 by afterniatis ( Lucas :  I add to Visionkeeper’s blogpost today, the text with the video as it is already from 2008 and is still applicable. Also now there are some not well intended corporate and  fascistic controllers that still go on controlling with all means available. There are also lots of others  that still wanna play the control us card. So be aware.) Continue reading

EU Planning To ‘Own And Operate’ Spy Drones And An Air Force – 27 July 2013

InvestmentWatchEU planning to ‘own and operate’ spy drones and an air force 

“The European Union is planning to “own and operate” spy drones, surveillance satellites and aircraft as part of a new intelligence and security agency under the control of Baroness Ashton.

The controversial proposals are a major move towards creating an independent EU military body with its own equipment and operations, and will be strongly opposed by Britain. Continue reading