Lisa Gawlas – The Intention Of The Heart Fulfills All – 27 July 2013

lisagawlas2Sleep has been an interesting thing lately, now that I am getting a full abundance of it.  Yesterday morning as I was waking up, my view was from way above my home, around my home was a clear thick substance (kinda that gel stuff) with a pole or chimney or something at the center that extended up about 5-6 feet.  I watched as my consciousness came down thru that very narrow pole thingie, oozed into my home and then laid into my body.  There was that clear gel like substance everywhere.  Even tho I just watched this happen, as I awoke, I was disoriented and wasn’t sure where I was or who I was.   I tried to go back to sleep, but the more I tried, the more aware of where I was now over took me.  My brains felt like goo, but thank god I was able to read clearly thru the goo!!

Yesterday after the day of readings, I took Andrea to the Santa Ana Pueblo (reservation) since it was one of their feast days (celebrating corn) and they were open to the public.  I could feel my own heart shatter as we walked into the pueblo and the first thing that greets you is a really large Catholic Church.  Of course, we recently learned that the 19 Pueblo’s here are actually required to be Catholic.  The religion is so deep that many see their old “medicine” ways as witch craft and reject it.  Top that off with the annual rooster fights, I am fully realizing why many of us have incarnated outside of the “tribal lands” with a mix of DNA within our lineage.

I don’t know if it was walking around this pueblo, the heat that beamed down on it, or a combination of the two, by the time we came home my energy dropped to zero.  I fell into an early sleep.  When I awoke I watched myself making my way thru so many blue orbs.  It was like that one picture (shown below) came to life in my sleep time.

blue orbs

I got up to start my day, feeling refreshed and revitalized only to find out, it was only 10 pm!  All I could feel and remember is the sheer amount of orbs I had to wade thru in order to wake up to this mundane reality called my life.

I share these two experiences for a reason.  I have been frustrated because the field, our teams, are not telling us what the big deal is with the thick, gel like substance covering everyone’s inner heart field, nor will they tell us about the colored dots of energy threaded within it.  Actually, one of my connections yesterday, their teams said they will not tell ME!!  Well, that’s just not nice!!   However, I really do understand the why much more this morning.

Every living thing is undergoing this… man, we do not have a real and true word for what is happening in our language, everything I want to use is picked from my tongue and finger tips before it comes out.  Let’s just say, we all have the needed energy field to change and enhance our lives, both in the mundane world and especially in our spiritual world… depending on our choices.  But equally, depending on our freedom from yesterdays labels and identifiers.

In another one of my connections yesterday, their team gave us such clarity into the releasing our old labels and identifiers.

There are two places we can create our intentions from, one without the other is 10 times more powerful and life fulfilling than the two combined.

The Intention of the Heart.  From the heart flows an energy, intense, living, expanding, without the first (pre-conceived) knowing of what form it shall become.  This is your soul in action.

When the mind sets intention it only has one place to draw from, the past.  It cannot conceive what it has not yet experienced, so it can only recreate from past concepts and idea’s and god knows, we have given many of those past concepts and idea’s a lot of labels that are more empty than full (given where we have the potential to go.)  So if your desire is held in any way by the mind, let that go.  Free yourself from the limitations of our past… all of it.  Your soul can only go as far and as deep as your inner WILLingness.

There have been words used over the years that scratch my energy field like nails on a chalk board, things like “light worker, shaman, healer, master…” and my list gets longer and stronger by the year.

Imagine if we released any need to be identified by anything, and allowed the fullness of our free forming, life enhancing, full radiant potential to live thru us as us.  I cannot know your Will, I can only know and live my own.  Once given life, the two will be reflected on the field of Life once again!!

Everyone of us is being drenched, absorbed into the new energy of our inner heart field… what we are WILLing to do with it is completely up to us.

Ohhh, before I forget, again… this gel like substance will start to release itself at the end of July.  From what various teams have said, three days releasing, three days finding new form… so from about July 29th thru August 3rd.  What that really means to us… we will see!!

On that note, my day begins.

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of unrestricted creation and adventures to ALL!!

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