Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – God’s Name Whirling In Your Heart – 28 July 2013

HeavenlettersGod said:

Say My Name day and night. Instead of all the thoughts that whirl through your head, whirl My Name around in your mind and your heart and into your day-to-day-life.

Is there something hard about that? Try saying a three-letter word.

When you wake up in the morning, say, “Good morning, God,” or just say, “Hi, God,” or just say, “God.” I am quite comfortable at the tip of your tongue. I am in your very cells. Why not on the tip of your tongue?

Consider Me your good luck piece. What do you need with a lucky coin or a prestigious fortune cookie when you can have Me in your awareness at any moment you choose? Hallow-ed be My Name.

Instead of recounting your fabulous woes, or counting sheep, impress My Name into your consciousness. Talk to Me or just think of My Name, My Name in whatever language is yours. My Name is like a genie you summon to you. You summon My Name, not so that you ask Me for something you have been yearning for, but because you recognize your yearning for Me.

There is a big difference between asking Me for something and beckoning Me to you. Beckon yourself to Me so that you bless Me with your presence. Truly, I don’t require your presence for My Sake but for yours. The finest place for you to be is with Me.

If I had need of prayer, I would pray for you to be aware you are with Me. For your sake, I would pray this. What possible prayer could I have for My Sake. I AM. I AM everything, and I have everything, and I have you in My awareness. My desire is that you have Me fully available to you, and all that requires is your remembrance of My Name.

Consider My Name a vibration. How I desire that you have the vibration of My Name. What can equal it, beloveds?

You have perhaps tried to find Me in people on Earth. Although I AM within everyone and you, a person next to you or across from you cannot supply you with Me nor can even the most fabulous person you ever met supply Me to you. Ah, they can point you to Me just as I am pointing you to Me now. I beckon more than I point. I look you in the eyes, and I wiggle My finger, saying:

“Come to Me. Right over here, come to Me.”

I look into your eyes, and ask you to look into Mine. Something bountiful will happen to you as you look into My eyes, even when you can’t see them. You will feel them. You will feel something. You cannot look into My eyes and not gain something.

Looking into My eyes and saying My Name is worth more than anything you can put in your hand. With your intent on My eyes and My Name vibrating in you, you have everything. A seed contains the whole. An atom that you don’t see is mightier than the arm of a chair or the leg of a table or the prow of a ship. Even when you can’t see it, a star in the sky is still a star in the sky.

Everyone and everything is leveled in an atom. My eyes and My Name pull you to the center of yourself faster than the speed of light.

Do you want great vitality? These two simple acts – looking into My eyes and listening to yourself think My Name are two mighty minerals and vitamins.

Look into My eyes. Close your eyes to see Mine. Say God, God, God in your heart, and My Name will resound around the world and back again. / link to original article


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