Laura Bruno – Where Permaculture Meet Buddhism – 28 July 2013

laura-of-the-rocksReblogged from Bealtaine Cottage:

There has been hardly a day this Spring and Summer when Bealtaine Cottage has not welcomed visitors.

Often times I am left exhausted by the challenge of working, to keep production going and keeping a “welcome for all”

There have been occasions when I have had to turn away requests to visit…and I spend time regretting it, but I work on my own and have others to care for at times.

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A lovely post by Colette, which ties in nicely with yesterday’s Robert Jensen post, as well as my Joanna Macy references, since she approaches permaculture from a Buddhist background. In this post, Colette shares a letter she received from someone who visited Bealtaine Cottage. Michael describes the special reverence we can all engage in on this planet, truly stepping into a role of caretakers rather than simply takers. A really lovely post!

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