Teal Scott – How To Activate And Open Your Third Eye – 28 July 2013

Uploaded on 27 July 2013 by TheSpiritualCatalyst (Lucas : I my vision do what you think is best for you.  It is just a view. You have to do this or that irritates and is leading, your decide in your own power where to go and what you do. But also have an open-mnd towards what others say!)

The third eye is a term we use for the sixth chakra. A chakra is a vortex point where the stream of consciousness of your higher self… what we call energy or prana, feeds into the human form. The physical body organizes itself around the blue print of your chakras and meridians. And the sixth chakra is located in-between and just above the eye brows. All though every chakra is involved in extrasensory perception, the sixth chakra is the chakra that is referred to as the seat of intuition. It is the chakra, which is associated with clairvoyance, precognition, out of body experiences, the ability to see auras, recognition, imagination, visualization, dreaming, perception and extrasensory perception. Because of this, the third eye, is the chakra that is associated most closely with psychics. In this episode, Teal shows us an easy exercise to activate our third eye.

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