John Ward – Breaking… Real Life Under The Obama ‘Recovery’ – 29 July 2013

nopeIndustry boom in America/Ten to a room in America.   (West Side Story)

Ignore the White House Obamabollocks, and study the data instead. A new study in the US conducted for Associated Press finds as follows:

* Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives

* Hardship is particularly on the rise among whites, based on several measures. Pessimism among that racial group about their families’ economic futures has climbed to the highest point since at least 1987. Two thirds of all middle-income whites think the economy is in “poor” shape.

* Economic insecurity among whites  is far more pervasive than is shown in government data, engulfing more than 76% of white adults by the time they turn 60

* More than 19 million whites fall below the poverty line of $23,021 for a family of four, accounting for more than 41% of the nation’s destitute, nearly double the number of poor blacks

* 12.6% of adults in their prime working-age years of 25-60 live in poverty

* For the first time since 1975, the number of white single-mother households who are living in poverty with children has surpassed black ones, driven largely by job losses and faster rates of out-of-wedlock births among whites. White single-mother families in poverty stood at nearly 1.5 million in 2011, comparable to the number for blacks. Hispanic single-mother families in poverty trailed at 1.2 million.

: – ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((“They don’t trust big government, but it doesn’t mean they want no government,” says Republican pollster Ed Goeas, who agrees that working-class whites will remain an important electoral group. “They feel that politicians are giving attention to other people and not them.” Crikey, so it’s not just us then.

This was the latest bromide from possibly the most under-achieving President in US history:

“This administration’s highest priority is to rebuild ladders of opportunity, and reverse income inequality.”

Rock on, Barry. By the way, what were you doing during the last five years – reversing ladders of opportunity and doubling income equality? Why are 50% more Americans on food stamps than before you came into Office, Mr First Black President Yes We Can Obama?

Bollocks, all of it. And the data shown above prove it beyond doubt.

This is what The Slog is about: evidenced bollocks deconstruction. Let others yell their thick heads off and use f**k and c**t every third word. In the end, it’s exploding the myths that turns the tide. The great thing about this new AP research is that it blows just about every neoliberal racist myth on the planet sky high.

So then, Dan Hannan, Ben Brogan et al who keep telling us the US economy is “roaring ahead”….where do you go from here guys? More repetition of the bollocks? I thought so – fair enough.

Just so long as the Truth is out there. You will fall on your faces in the end. / link to original article