LIsa Gawlas – Moving From Why To How – 29 July 2013

lisagawlas2Have you ever just woke up and feel like you are in a whole new… something or another?  That is what today feels like… new.  Maybe I am just feeling the intense contrast from yesterday to today. Yesterday, I spent the entire day exhausted again, to the point that we went to a crystal shop and all I could do was yawn and sit on a chair until my friend was done collecting her goodies to take back home.  That is truly the opposite of what I have ever experienced going into a crystal shop, but I couldn’t barely move.  I was determined to push thru the exhaustion running thru me and take my friend hiking at my second favorite power spot; Canyon Negro in Albuquerque, but the skies opened up and flooded the roads almost instantly.  Back to the Mesa we went, to my couch I collapsed.

As I laid on my couch, occupying my lower mind with TV shows and skimming the news on my phone I started to be shown something thru my haze… when the lower mind (AKA ego mind) is not present in the assimilation of energy, it does not entangle itself into the new layout of the DNA.  The higher mind is free to do whatever it needs to do and encode new light freely.  It seems my soul made sure my lower mind was pretty much non-existent yesterday.  But equally, came an understanding of something I shared the last two days… a fuller understanding.  ”Encoding our will.”

Many things are going to come into play in our grand agenda called life, an acceleration of events and displays of Life on all levels.  The “will” is the power source of what is will be experienced in the coming months.  For some, this will be a grand display of “ego will” so they can choose again, differently.  For some, a combination of the ego and the soul will, so they can see and feel the difference and release themselves to the flow of the soul once and for all.

The “soul will” is an interesting thing really.  Radiantly quite.  Observing and exchanging from the realm we would call, the background.  It changes and enhances life by the out breath, allowing the lower mind, the true master of matter, to become fully aligned with the energy just released and follow it into something grand!

We had a new friend over to the Mesa a few days ago.  A local native and in the many things he shared with us, one thing remains fluttering in my own energy field.  He said (paraphrasing here) ‘I no longer ask why, now I ask HOW.’

Imagine you are getting inspirations downloaded within you, energy packets that flow outward desiring your creation…. no real images/ previous understandings to work with, just an energy flow, flowing thru you.

Many of us have already started asking this wonderful question: How can I serve the greater good, how can I be more in alignment with my soul desires…  The energy you are feeling now, is the reply from your soul.  It is not something to be understood, but followed, worked with, put into created manifestation.  With a tempered ego in divine partnership with the soul mind, already knows HOW.  The why becomes irrelevant.

So today starts the releasing of the new energy germinated within our hearts, the deepest, closest aspects of our created life field (inner heart field.)  Funny, I suddenly get an image, a correlation of what we are about to see and experience.

We are going to experience a variety of gardens in our game called life.  Hybrid seeds allowing the inter dimensional (intergalactic) energies/knowings/applications come thru and be fully expressed thru your life.  The Monsanto seed variety, where ego is still impregnated as the protector.  Pure soul as well as pure ego seeds, one harmonizing the power of love, the other, the power of earthly desire.

I am going to change my question in our divine connections thru the day from “what the hell is that” to how the hell do we use that now!!”  (smile)

And my day begins…..

I love you all so, so much.  To my special friend in Finland, THANK YOU for your seeds of love this morning.  You fueled me in ways my words cannot even begin to share!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of released energy and new forms… becoming!!

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