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Visionkeeper – The Truth Of Reality – 29 July 2013

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I’m thinking it is time we fully woke up, even those of us who feel we are already awake. There is a reality before us awaiting us to embrace it and move forward, but we have been unable to do so. Here at One World Rising for the past two years we have waited for higher consciousness to manifest and change everything, we have been holding the light and staying in our hearts, but there is one thing we have not been doing and it is time to face it now. Continue reading

BrianKelly’sBlog – 9/11 Firefighters Reveal Bombs Destroyed WTC Lobby – 29 July 2013

WorldTribune – Two Years Later, Congress To Investigate The Crash That Killed Members Of SEAL Team Six – 29 July 2013


Special to WorldTribune.com

By Grace Vuoto

At last, there will be a congressional inquiry into the strange circumstances surrounding the fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan in August 2011, which resulted in the deaths of 30 American service members and 8 Afghans, including elite troops from Navy SEAL Team Six, the contingent who killed Osama bin Laden a few months earlier. Continue reading

5DMediaNetwork – The One People Blogtalk Radio Show – 29/30 July – 29 July 2013

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USA EDT/ 29  July 2013, 20.00 pm, European Mainland, 30 July 2013, 02.00 am, Australia, Sydney- 30 July 2013, 10.00 am

Call in to speak with the host (646) 716-4598

Formerly the Oppt-In Show.

Join the discussion with Lisa Harrison, Bob Wright, Chris Hales and Brian Kelly,  for updates on the BE’ing and DO’ing of The One People as we ground our new reality. Continue reading

John Ward – Breaking…Now Obama Joins The Statistics Benders. So We Have Obamanomics, Osbornomics, Draghinomics And Troikanomics – 29 July 2013

JohnWRoll up, roll up….every nomic’s a winner!

Following the earlier post here this morning, voilà in the FT:

‘US economic history will be rewritten this week, as the most far-reaching methodological changes in years will add the equivalent of a country the size of Belgium to output in the world’s largest economy. Continue reading

Ron Head – Become Your New Selves With Joy – 29 July 2013


We come to you once again, speaking to you of the energies of the ancient traditional new year signaled by the dawn rising of the star Sirius and movement into the sign of Leo.  This is the Lion’s Gate.  It is accompanied this time by several other rare and auspicious alignments in your heavens.  Together they bring you even greater cosmic energy than is usual even for the Lion’s Gate. Continue reading

Infinite Waters – How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland, The Science Of The Pineal Gland And Third Eye Activation – 29 July 2013

Uploaded on 28 July 2013 by Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) Awaken Your Infinite Power! Feel Alive by Ralph Smart. The New Book Now Available Below:  http://www.infinitewaters.net/books
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Dana Mrkich – 29 July Star Of David Alignment – 29 July 2013

Dana Colour Pic NewToday’s ‘Star of David’ planetary line-up features two grand trines, three oppositions, three mystic rectangles and a couple of T-squares all wrapped up in six sextiles – so what does that mean?

Energetically it feels a bit like when you’re driving a dodgem car at the fun fair. It’s part zooming around smoothly with so much ease it feels effortless, part carefree happiness, and part side-swipe from nowhere that hits you so hard it jars your neck and gives you whiplash.  Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Former ECB Chief Economist Warns “ECB Will Soon Have To Support France With Bond Purchases” – 29 July 2013

MishMikeShedlockJuergen Stark, former ECB chief economist (who resigned in 2011 over a dispute regarding bond purchases), says in an interview in Handelsblatt “The Euro crisis will worsen in late autumn”

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A year ago, ECB chief Draghi announced plans to do anything to save the euro. The former ECB chief economist Juergen Stark considers this fatal. He fears that the ECB will soon have to support France with bond purchases. Continue reading

Reuters – Update 1 – Pope Says Vatican Bank Must Be ‘Honest And Transparent’ – 29 July 2013

Reuters(Reuters) – Pope Francis said the troubled Vatican bank must become “honest and transparent” and that he will listen to the advice of a commission he has set up on whether it can be reformed or needs to be shut down altogether.

The pope made his comments, his most detailed to date on the bank’s troubles, in his first news conference, a remarkably frank 80-minute meeting with reporters on Sunday night shortly after his plane left Brazil at the end of his first international trip.

Read the whole story at : www.reuters.com / link to original article