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John Ward – Breaking… Real Life Under The Obama ‘Recovery’ – 29 July 2013

nopeIndustry boom in America/Ten to a room in America.   (West Side Story)

Ignore the White House Obamabollocks, and study the data instead. A new study in the US conducted for Associated Press finds as follows:

* Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives Continue reading

HuffingtonPost – Ryan Grenoble – Ohio Bank Forecloses On Wrong Home, Sells Owner Katie Barnett’s Belongings (VIDEO)

a15da-huffington_post_logoKatie Barnett only wants her stuff back.

She says all her possessions in Vinton County, Ohio, disappeared when Wellston First National Bank confused her home with the house across the street, foreclosed on it, changed the locks, and then sold or trashed everything — all while she was out of town for two weeks.

Read the whole story  and see the video  at:  www.huffingtonpost.com/ link to original article/video

OpEdNews – Chris Hedges – The Business Of Mass Incarceration – 29 July 2013

OpEdNewsDebbie Bourne, 45, was at her apartment in the Liberty Village housing projects in Plainfield, N.J., on the afternoon of April 30 when police banged on the door and pushed their way inside. The officers ordered her, her daughter, 14, and her son, 22, who suffers from autism, to sit down and not move and then began ransacking the home. Bourne’s husband, from whom she was estranged and who was in the process of moving out, was the target of the police, who suspected him of dealing cocaine. As it turned out, the raid would cast a deep shadow over the lives of three innocents — Bourne and her children. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Anomaly Solved, PhilaFlood, Coronal Holes – 29 July 2013

Uploaded on 29 July 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Lucas – Egypt – A Conflict And Some Questions – 29 July 2013

Flag of Egypt.svgPicture credit link

In seeing the Egypt “conflict”  the question for me is who is doing what and for what reason?  The normal mainstream media that includes Al Jazeera is reporting their story on the conflict as an Islamist and non-Islamist one.  Is the conflict about religion?  We have seen already the people free themselves once and now a second time.   Is the conflict not just a created one  that as always is presented by the controllers behind the scenes just as a conflict between the good guys and the religious fanatics and extremists. Is the conflict not instigated as reports  come in from Egypt that the Morsi supporters were paid to go on the streets and even shot on their own people to escalate the whole thing? Is this conflict not just about the outside of Egypt “controllers” wanting back control over Egypt as a strategic partner in the middle-east? Is the real conflict not that of people wanting to become free of the real oppressors that fund if necessary both sides of the created conflict to keep things unstable?  Is it not about real freedom for all and it is maybe NOT at all  about religion that is used as the reason fed to the west as  propaganda?  I say just look and see the bigger picture. Continue reading

ActivistPost – Secret Darpa Mind Control Project Revealed : Leaked Document – 29 July 2013

Logo_activistpost-comWhistleblower Reveals Military Mind Control Project At Major University

What if the government could change people’s moral beliefs or stop political dissent through remote control of people’s brains?

Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, a leaked document reveals that the US government, through DARPA research, is very close to accomplishing this. Continue reading

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “Present Here And Now” – 29 July 2013

DjwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. Our topic for this week which is really the rest of this life technically would be “Present Moment Now.”

Essentially what is going on in Creation is kind of creating various scenarios that make it impossible to live in the future or live in the past. At least not with comfort anyway. Continue reading

BusinessInsider – Federal Reserve 5 Reasons The Fed Taper Will Kick Off In September – 29 July 2013

businessInsiderLittle doubt remains at this stage that the Fed will begin slowing its securities purchases this September. The central bank under Bernanke’s leadership has been highly focused on data and will consider the following 5 broad indicators to reach its decision.

1. Labor markets: As Bernanke recently pointed out, with respect to labor markets the hurdle for reducing purchases is lower than for raising rates. The FOMC will be looking for improvements in demand for labor in the US and will find it in these data:

Read the whole story at: www.businessinsider.com / link to original article

The American Dream – Exposing The Rothschild Banking System – 29 July 2013

Uploaded on 28 July 2013 by WakeUpCallPage Very good animated documentary movie  Exposing The Truth about America Banking System, The Rothschild, explanation of how the private Federal Reserve steals your money and WHY it must be stopped!!!

EneNews – Emergency Declared At U.S. Nuclear Plant: Fire Shuts Down Reactor – “Reports Of Black Smoke” – Company Says No Release Of Radioactivity “ Above Normal Operating Limits” #Callaway – 29 July 2013

enelogoFulton Sun, July 27, 2013: Fire shuts down Callaway nuclear plant, no danger to public after Friday night incident […] At 11:49 p.m. Friday, Ameren Missouri Callaway Energy Center declared an “Unusual Event” due to a small fire in the turbine building, a press release from Ameren Missouri electric company stated. […] Our first priority was stabilizing the nuclear plant … everything operated per design,” [Barry Cox, senior director of nuclear operations for the Callaway Energy Center] said. […] There was no release of radioactivity to the environment above normal operating limits, the press release stated, and all appropriate federal, state and local agencies have been notified. […] Cox said crews were on site Saturday afternoon to survey the damage […] Continue reading