Sophia Love – Choosing Your Earth – 29 July 2013 so often I stick my toe in the deep end of “popular” culture just to gauge its relevance.  Feeling especially reckless, I may go as deep as to read the Reddit comments or listen to call in AM radio shows. In the midst of one such dip today, a sudden thought appeared “We are already living on more than one earth.”
I’ve been holding out for one catalyzing event and a split.  What I see today are many splits and multiple events.  Perhaps we’ll all experience a singular, life altering moment, yet right now we are in the midst of a seamless, rapid, inescapable shift.  I’ve crossed over and there is no going back.Violent conversations about the adultery of Clinton vs. the sexting of Weiner hold no fascination.  I am not afraid of our government or law enforcement system, I am outraged.  I no longer hold any definition of a “good” person – I see us all as One.  Good or bad hold no meaning in regards to a person’s value.

The cool thing is, as everyone becomes okay in my world, so do I.  I discover this tender, gradual, awareness that we are all perfection – fat, skinny, homeless, wealthy, banker, lawyer, teacher, clown, fisherman or protester – I’ve been every one.  To embrace oneness means unconditional acceptance.  Agape is the only response I hold.

Now for years this has been the subject of this blog, yet today it feels somehow solid.  Maybe that’s what the prophecy of 2 Earths means.  The absolute conviction of universal love defines everything around you.  The firm belief in right, wrong, good, bad, slave or owner sets parameters and divisions that are visible.  Both view points are firming up.

There’s been a reference to 2013 as being similar in pattern to the course of a pregnancy.  By the 9th or 10th month our new earths will be born.  I’m not a prophet yet I see everyday my truth manifest before me.  There was a time I stayed away from others with different values.  No longer.  Life right now is full of everyone that’s ever been there and includes all points of view.  The change now is my own conviction.  I don’t have to be right.  I have to be me.  That’s a huge difference.

Barry Neil Kaufman wrote a wonderful book called “Happiness is a Choice”.  So is suffering.  There’s a 100% chance I’m living the life I’ve chosen and so are you.  How we each feel about it is completely personal.  We can either suffer or smile.

The last two blogs have been about kiri campbell.  Stories of her meditating in her jail cell and completing her speech in the courtroom without anger are breathtaking… She is not suffering.  She is engaged in the direction of her self chosen life; getting out of it every bit of flavor she intended.  I wish the same for all of us.

We do not have to suffer.  We have to choose consciously.  As we construct our days we’ll build a life of clarity, peace, celebration and agape.  We’ll create the world we’ve been dreaming of with each moment, every “yes” and all of our light.  The new earth already resides in our hearts and when we connect we glimpse it in each other’s eyes.  That’s when we breathe deeply and remember what we came to do.

We are the one’s we were waiting for.


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