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I’m thinking it is time we fully woke up, even those of us who feel we are already awake. There is a reality before us awaiting us to embrace it and move forward, but we have been unable to do so. Here at One World Rising for the past two years we have waited for higher consciousness to manifest and change everything, we have been holding the light and staying in our hearts, but there is one thing we have not been doing and it is time to face it now.

We seem to imagine that our minds will shift and life on planet earth will shift and we will enter a new age of being, we are counting on it, but what if that weren’t completely true. The truth that I think we are all being asked to accept and embrace as part of our growth, is the fact we must stop looking for answers to help us continue on as we have been. We want our cake and it eat it too. The truth we must face as hard as it may seem is the understanding that we cannot continue to live as we have been, those luxuries we surrounded ourselves with were part of why we are where we are today, they have been part of the destructive process we have been undergoing and this must end if we are to survive.

In a sense we must step backwards in time and renew our abilities to fend for ourselves and stop the fantasy stories we believe, that giant grocery stores will always be how we feed ourselves, that  cell phones will always be there for us to communicate with as well as computers and credit cards will always be there to keep us from financially collapsing etc. Perhaps we need not go backwards in reality but rather we must be willing to simplify our lives so we are no longer putting a massive strain on the earth. This earth we tend to forget about is our home, our only home, we are unable to uproot ourselves like the snail and move on to a bigger shell or in our case a new planet. This is OUR earth, our home and we are allowing it to be destroyed and in essence we are allowing ourselves to be destroyed as well. We cannot survive without a place to live and call home. When are we going to awaken to this truth and take action in protecting our home and in doing so, save our own lives?

Our mission on earth is to bring peace to the world, yes, but it is also our mission to finally understand and accept we cannot continue to live as we have been and we must be able to release our hold on what was for the sake of creating what will be. The old ways we have been living will never be again, no matter how hard we wish it and intend it, it will not return, it cannot return. This is the cold fact we have been avoiding all along. We are in a new phase of our existence here on earth now and it is our job to find new ways to begin living again. For all those who still long for the big grocery stores to make their lives easier, get over it. This way of living has destroyed the earth, our home, and we must realize this and realize in order to save the earth and ourselves we must change how we live. We must be willing to release what was and the convenience it brought to our lives and accept hard times ahead as we transition. It is a brutal thought to swallow but swallow it we must and quickly.

We have literally been sitting here spinning our wheels trying to think of ways to win the battle of light and dark but at the same time assuming we could do it and still continue to live the lives we have been living. Having our cake and eating it to. WE CANNOT! This is reality. We must return to living for ourselves, fending for ourselves, thinking for ourselves, letting go of the grand fantasy world we have been drowning in of luxury at our fingertips. This is not to say over time we can’t create new modes of transportation that will not harm the planet, or new ways of creating food sources that will not stress our ecosystems. Anything is possible, just not the way we have been doing it.

Until such times we must be willing to let go of the fantasy and get back to simplifying life and saving the only home we have while we still can. Doing this entails all of us forcing the dark out of our lives and ending the destruction they are creating everyday in every way. It is time to stop playing the voting game that always secures their control and their place in the system. It is time to stop buying the crap they toss to us as food and medicines and do for ourselves, it is time to turn off the black box of lies and return to seeing life through our own eyes, not what they want us to see! It is time to disconnect completely, face the hard times ahead as we learn to adjust to a scaled down way of living, and become independent beings with independent minds and hope in our hearts for a better life ahead. There is no going back to what was, that is what we are here to learn and to face, there is only a going forward to what will be! Accept that and deal with it! This is the truth of reality.

Blessings and prayers to us all,

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