John Ward – Don’t Lose Interest In The Greek Sphere: It is Being Crushed By Maniacs – 30 July 2013

JohnWThe most beautiful country in Europe is still being crushed mercilessly by the Troika and its fat collaborators. Pay attention: we are going to be next.

A huge hat-tip goes to the Hellenic heroes who slave 24/7 writing Keep Talking Greece – still the best-informed source about the realities of EC scorched earth nihilism in Greece – for many of the highlights that follow.

On 23rd July, Eurobarometer research recorded  that 98% of Greeks thought their economy “poor”, and 90% do not trust the government.

The next day, Germany started playing games again, threatening to delay €2.5 billion bailout tranche to Greece.

The day after that, two other gigantic turds fell from a great height onto the ordinary, innocent Greek people: having closed over a thousand schools in two years, the Troika declared that more would have to go as repayment’s were not on track. This track, by the way, stretches the breadth of the Universe: mathematically, the end of it cannot be reached. Brussels-am-Berlin knows this perfectly well. Next up, the eurozone – ever there to help hoho –  delayed the bailout tranche to Greece due to 80 teachers less than target had been dismissed.

Who can begin to explain the insanity of thinking that half-witted, hare-brained budgets are more important than the education system? Perhaps we should ask the unpleasant Michael Gove: he seems to be a leading authority on the ultimate triumph of money and Newscorp. Either way, the Troika’s treatment of Greece is nor more or less than the torture of an injured bird by a sociopathic fat cat.

Now we’re at 26th July, and within 24 hours the ‘withholding’ bollocks has been withdrawn. Instead, the much rumoured and heavily denied budget shortfall raises its head again. Suddenly, what Wolfie Strangelove called “a fantasy” two weeks ago is, um, true:

‘Greece΄s international bailout faces a shortfall of around 3.8 billion euros ($5.02 billion) between now and the end of 2014, a European Union official has said. According to the Wall Street Journal, that gap in the country΄s financing is due to a refusal of national euro-zone central banks to buy new Greek bonds when the ones they hold mature.’

Anyone see that reported in the UK MSM? No, neither did I. This is the pernicious euro banking system that destroyed Cyprus in the Spring about a sum of money not much bigger than this shortfall. The EC source’s comment? “It’s not that much. We’ll be able to find it somehow”.

QED, Cyprus was a set-up.

Well of course it was, but listen up to the haircut percentage creeping up towards the 80% predicted here at the time – from Zero Hedge:

‘Alas, we have bad news for Cyprus, or rather for those evil oligarchs (and other innocent and naive people who believed the lies) who still haven’t managed to bribe enough local bankers and pull what remains of their money: the “final” haircut will be far higher than 47.5%. And at a 10% rate of increase every 3 months, we expect the final 60%+ haircut to be revealed some time before the end of the year.’

It’s a pity that while these real and present rapes are going on, some sites on the Left in Britain are still ranting about how the Elders of Zion run everything, and the Holocaust never happened, while 101 feminists are writing in delirium about why men’s dicks should be turned into steak haché . But that’s the Looney Left for you: every bit as bad as the Risible Right, only with less wit.

Anyway, leaving aside fascinating onanism concerning 1491, 1944 and 1971, it’s 2013 and this is real. Nothing to dispute here, or obscene rants to launch: fact after fact after fact, and none of them denied.

Please everyone – can you stop gawking in the rear-view mirror and start paying attention to the windscreen? There’s a f**king great truck coming our way, and it’s driving on the wrong side of the law. And there is a small Grecian sphere being gored to death by bullies. Our unwillingness to do something is a stain. And no amount of braindead pinhead debates can ever remove it.

But still, I suppose – being bullies too – the yellanscreeem community couldn’t GAF. / link to original article


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