Lisa Gawlas – Harnessing And Creating Our Future Now! – 30 July 2013

lisagawlas2There is something quite humbling about witnessing the field completely shift to reflect the shift that happened within us.  Equally, it is something to behold and to rejoice in when you see the full cooperation of the human and the soul’s energy field in full cooperation and creating what will become our experience of our near future.  But also, I had seen with vivid clarity and understanding, the things we create do not always cease to exist the moment we leave that (whatever “that” is.)

My first lady on the field yesterday, a beautiful lady I am assisting on her healing journey of her physical body was amazing.  When she and I connect, I usually bring her in my kitchen so see and work on her physical body.  But, just because I want something a particular way, doesn’t mean it happens that way.  Instead, she showed up outside in the yard, in the area I would call the south side of the field (which, literally, is to the left of my fire pit.)  From just below her feet to just above her head, she was wrapped in a thick, clear energy blanket, I could see the layers of this energy as it was wrapped around her like a cocoon.  As I connected to this vision of her, I simply put out a request to her soul and said, I would really like to see her in my kitchen.  Suddenly, her body started to spin in a clockwise motion so fast that I could see a flow of energy start to come up into the center of her cocoon, her body from the earth.  She circulated to the right and made the turn to come into my backdoor and stop in my kitchen where I needed her body.  I (eventually) understood that the tornado like action of her spin allowed her to pull into her the pure earth energy of the (actual) backyard.

As I focused my vision on what I could see of her in my kitchen, which was only her feet up to her knees thru the blanket of energy, I realized her spiritual team was working on her.  She began to tell me her experiences of this past week or so and as I listened to her, I watched as 6 of her team members (3 on either side of her) picked her up from her standing position in my kitchen, tilted her so he became horizontal to the floor, walked her back outside into the backyard and to my surprise, held her torso over the fire pit.  I instantly recognized the flames of the fire, it was the same fire that was lit during our gathering on July 20th.

Before the fire was created at the gathering, everyone was given a piece of paper and pen and instructed to write down anything they wanted to “release” from their lives, that alone set the energy of the fire as a “purification fire.”  Even tho the fire itself has long been put out, the energy was birthed in such love and joy that it will remain until it no longer is needed in this space.

My beautiful lady’s team purposely put her core energy over the purification flames and I watched as her entire torso’s energy changed.  Her legs and head remained, in my view, wrapped in the energy blanket, but what happened to her torso is indescribable.  Any words I try to put together to explain what I had seen and understood, would be so much less than the experience that had happened.  This is how she was left… at least, for now.

When I connected to my second lady on the field, she suddenly reminded me there was something I wanted to share since my drive to Denver but kept forgetting!  Well, now I am remembering!  Over this last year or so, thru various connections, an umbrella would be symbolized in a connection.  All I could really think of was Mary Poppins, but I realized, it was showing so much more.  I have said this several times in the past, I can be really slow on the uptake.

umbrellaOn my 7.5 hour drive to Denver, I was once again listening to the audio book “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton, PhD.  Whatever it was he was talking about (I cannot remember right now) triggered my memory of getting to “Here.”  Suddenly I seen an umbrella in my inner vision, the curved handle is the anchor that connects us to the earth at the place and point most needed (for me, this was the beginning of my deep inner healing) we breathe life into the core as we heal and expand, creating the rod of connection between the earth and the spirit.  The rod that goes from the handle to the umbrella is the core of the body including all the energy centers of the body.

The network of wiring at the center of the umbrella would be our network of spiritual attributes we have available to us.  The spokes that allow the umbrella to open wide are the attributes that we not only developed but use as part of our daily life.  We strengthen our umbrella by actually using it!!

As the spiritual umbrella that is You develops and changes, the curved handle releases itself from the ground (version of earth) it was once anchored into and begins to float you to the next vibration of earth so you can enhance and bring in more spiritual attributes to develop, strengthen and use.  Equally, the rod itself changes, becomes stronger, ore focused and dare I even say, flute like.

The material of the umbrella will change as well.  The covering may be pure yellow, showing the expanded connection of ones soul energy, and then like my lady yesterday, become so inter-dimensional that I have no true way of describing what I do see and understand.

I do want to mention, it is possible to develop the upper part of the umbrella without ever touching the core energy. especially for those who have mastered (and I use the term “mastered” lightly and loosely here) many skills in previous lives.  Doable, but not very wise really.  Instead of being anchored into the heart of Gaia, one becomes anchored into the ego.  A display of “spiritual skill” does not equal a display of mastery.  Just sayin…  there are a lot of people trying to pimp out their umbrella, yet leaving the core energy to run amok, which serves the ego but rarely the greater All.

So, now lets get back to the connections of yesterday.  Thru my second connection of the day, it became apparent that the entire field has shifted…. again.  The thick bubble of energy that was so steady in everyones inner heart field was now a combined landscape of inner and outer life field.  The landscape of each person was vastly different in shape and size.  However, there was a consistent oblong shape (egg shape sorta) for everyone.  It is the shape of their future energies that was vastly different.

This precious lady was out in what I would call her near future (time is still a non-existent thing) floating above the earth about 4-5 feet holding an umbrella.  I was so excited to be able to fully understand her “umbrella” and that she kicked up the memory within me of sharing that too.  As I watched her, it was as if her hands were milking the teat of a cow, moving purposely and even rhythmically up and down the rod of the umbrella.  I (eventually) realized that what she was doing was working with her core energy centers, creating the energy flow that is needed for her near future unfoldment.  As I watched her do whatever she was doing, I could hear, without hearing, the vibrational release of the energy centers.  These sound waves are bringing to her, her next version of reality.  It is funny, I kept hearing a phrase “in the beginning there was the word” which was never a word at all, but sound moving life into life!

What was interesting as well, everyone who showed up in their near future energy, all were set up on the left side of their elongated field of life, showing what they are doing is constructing their physical reality and all that will unfold thru that, at least for the next couple of months.

There was a lady whose visual placed her on a step-ladder.  The step ladder was half in her created life field and half out of it.  Her body was on the outside area, which at first, baffled me.  Then we realized it was her, an equal blend (as everyone who showed up in this section of their reading represented) of their earth/human and soul constructing their future together.  With this lady, she was bringing in very particular codes and experiences from the deep unknown (spirits side of the veil.)  There was a multidimensional feel to her as I watched her step on a few rungs of the ladder and each step changed and enhanced the created aspect of her life, as well as the ladder itself.

I do not think we realize how much each purposeful step we take to enhance our spiritual life here on earth changes everything.  Please do not confuse the word “purposeful” to equally mean “knowing the details” because the details are way to quantum to detail.

One of my connections yesterday was to my architect (yes, he is a literal architect in life) and the details that came thru his field.  The front (future) aspect of his life field was so odd, it was like it became a very narrow stream of pulsating energy that he had to work from.  I watched as his body was on a strange-looking scaffolding that was not a single layer, but several and in different sections hard to put into words.)  I could not tell you what he was doing, but as we got deeper into his reading, his team had said he was bringing in the enormity of spiritual idea’s and concepts and the field on the ground was a very narrow opening/resonance for the creation he will create.  As I watched and puzzled over what he was doing, again, his team chimed in with a whole different and exciting visual:  Pulling the enormity of spiritual concepts thru the eye of the needle.  Instantly I thought of the eye of horus, the recorded hypnosis sessions last year from the Guardians about the eye of the needle and the eye of horus and this is really making me understand it in a much larger way.

To give you a contrast, his “scaffolding” (which places his between the earth realm and the spirit realm) was about 5 feet across, the created field of his life at this connecting point was about 3 inches across.  He would need precision in bringing whatever his soul is working on into created life.  What is more precise than a needle that is threaded with this profound energy.

Because of the enormity of what he will be doing and the narrow opening of its ability to be constructed on earth, he needs to exercise patience and trust especially regarding… timing!!

Before I conclude this sharing I do want to talk about another precious soul on the field yesterday.  She really brought a lot of things to light, to my understanding.

I started to realize thru the connections that something unusual was happening.  The field itself was only half lit.  From what I would consider the mid-point of anyone’s life field, there was only illumination from center forward, anything behind the center point was seen thru what looked like nighttime just after sunset.

This lady was actually standing in her south field (behind center point) and walking back and forth (side to side) in what I felt was, looking for her way forward.  Her team went on to explain that she was standing at the end of the day, the end of her previous story and instead of walking forward into the light of her new day, she was actually moving side to side and that there was nothing she needed to do except put her foot forward.  This, as opposed to revisiting things that are finished, which keeps us from moving forward.

Well, I am going to close on that note and prepare for my day.

I love you all soul much and cannot tell you how grateful, how humbled I Am for your connections within my field so we can all grow more fully and freely thru the wisdom of your Soul Light!!

((((HUGZ)))) of joy and laughter to All!!

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