TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Unknowable Feeling Of Eternity – 30 July 2013


The Unknowable Feeling Of Eternity:

To that what is limited to mind…


In mirroring eyes,

In penetrating touch.

In the silence of a Beat.

The other side of me

found in Eternity.

The deepest side of me

unveiled by the Mirror of a Soul.

From In to Out

From Soul to All Inside of US.

Eternity… just Burning through…

the Brightest side of You(me).

For every burn, for every scar…

it was only the path to Love.

I never knew… but would re-do

to every step that lead to You!

For that is me, well deep inside

and now it shines as thousands suns!

And it is You… and it is Me… and it is US

who changes the world with our Heart.

It’s time to fly, it’s time to raise,

it’s time for us to Be as One.

For every breath, for every thought…

is meant to BE your Sun of Love.

I say Thank You!

I Feel the Grace.

I Live the Gift of Seeing You!

Eternity… in my Heart. link to original article


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